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Wednesday 2 November 2022

Permacrisis? Let's Have a Laugh Instead

 & #WowOnWednesday

With the world in a state of "permacrisis," Is This Mutton, the London based blog for the sassy over 50s, finds some humour at Very British Problems. And two colourful outfits like this green poncho with neon orange belt and saffron yellow ankle boots

Dear friends.  We learnt this week that the Collins Dictionary word of the year is "Permacrisis,"  defined as an extended period of instability and insecurity”.

Certainly in the UK we seem to veer from one crisis to another.  This week it's the shameful conditions of a refugee camp and the nation's water companies cheerfully releasing sewage into the sea, as voted for by their coastal MPs. Not to mention the new prime minister planning not to attend the COP environmental talks. And the clocks going back.

Here at Mutton Towers, we're fed up with the permacrisis. This post focuses on a different set of Very British Problems, and lots of colour. 

There's an account I love on Twitter called Very British Problems, @SoVeryBritish. It makes Twitter worthwhile, despite all the pile-ons. cancelling and Elon Musk. The account now has nearly 4 million followers, plus merchandise. The A5 calendar is on my Christmas list. 

What this account does is dish up daily helpings of all the neuroses and angst that makes us British. Here's an example from earlier this week:

The great thing is, we're all invited to contribute. Some of my favourite responses:

  • The window cleaners coming when I'm in the house. Sits on stairs till gone   (yep, that's what I do too)
  • Returning to a lit firework, or not having them in a metal box of Quality Street   (everyone's mum used to say "don't return to a lit firework!" when we had our own garden displays run by dad)
  • Sitting on what you think is the right train but being on tenterhooks until you hear the station you need announced over the speaker as it details all the stops it goes to.  Or worse still a train that divides at some point the pressure and anxiety of knowing if you’re in the correct carriage for the split
  • Not hearing what someone said, for a second time. You can't say pardon again so you just laugh and pray to God that they weren't telling you about a death in the family
  • Wearing clean underwear in case you need an ambulance

Where it gets really good is when some traditional stiff-upper lipped British norms are exposed. Not to mention unpicking what we really mean. What do we say when a meal is bad?  Try these:

It's certainly different
Not what I expected
Yours looks nice
I've had better/worse
I wouldn't order it again
Good to have a change 
It’s an acquired taste
I’m glad I tried it
It’s fine, honestly
I’ve never seen it cooked this way
It’s interesting

Or how about the phrase "That went well."  What's the sub text? 

In the wonderful Irish comedy Father Ted, there was a classic "That went well" from Ted at the end of an episode when the visit of a couple of bishops had gone disastrously wrong. One had converted to a different faith and the other had died. 

Gail Hanlon from over-50s style blog in pansy ruched skirt, fresh green top and lavender jacket from Kettlewell Colours, plus spring scarf from My Season Jewellery. Glitter brogues from Supadance.

We're also amused by how the world sees us.  A British character in an American TV show would  typically:

  • Have bad teeth
  • Be posh, sometimes Cockney, or having an impossible to place northern accent
  • Have a double-barrelled surname
  • Be related to royalty 
  • Live in a cottage next to Big Ben
  • Play rugby
  • Wear scarves
  • Be the villain

There are also a few photos that delight.  This one, for example, showing "one hour into the Zoom meeting." 

Discover the social channels (and merchandise) for Very British Problems.

Today's outfits

I have hardly anything in orange, as noted in Monday's post for the Style Not Age challenge. However, I do now have a neon orange belt from Kettlewell, which I used to belt a green poncho for a Facebook challenge on outfits featuring orange. If you find it hard to wear a particular colour, a belt or other accessory is a great way to get a pop of that colour. Boots old, from TU at Sainsburys. Leggings from M&S. 

The second outfit is my first skirt in the week-long #7DaySkirtChallenge which started on Instagram yesterday. It's the 3rd time I've run this challenge and the number of participants is growing. Still time for you to take part!

The lavender jacket, fresh green top and pansy ruched skirt are from Kettewell. I have a fourth ruched skirt on the way in jade. It's the most flattering skirt ever, on all sizes. Scarf is from My Season Jewellery.  Lime green bag, old, from The Cambridge Satchel Co.  Glitter brogues from Supadance London.

Nothing was gifted for this post, and no affiliate links were used. Where I've included links they're directly to a retailer, with no commission for me, to assist with your shopping. 

Busy week on Is This Mutton: three posts in a week - come back tomorrow for my review of October. What a wonderful month it was! 

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  1. This was a great read. And humorous I enjoyed this a lot. Happy November and great week to you :)

  2. Thanks for the share! Love your booties!


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