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Wednesday 27 September 2023

Look Great in Scarves

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Celebrities pictured in scarves as part of an Is This Mutton special on how to look great in scarves

Dear friends. A lot of you are big fans of scarves, and they're a key part of your look. Today I'm exploring which types of scarves work for which body shape and style personality, and how to tie them. 

Scarf Tips from an Expert 

I've taken inspiration from my friend Janice.  She'll be embarrassed at me describing her as an expert, but she always looks immaculate. She is very petite and slim, and dresses in a gamine way: neat, tailored, playful. Janice ties scarves in such a way that they add to her gamine style.

 Janice Clarke shows 6 different ways of wearing scarves if you are a petite gamine

Janice mostly wears small scarves, her favourite being a bandana style. She likes a square shape, folded and tied. She sometimes wears a small size infinity like the Seasalt Handyband, and says Powder also have some good ones. Her third favourite type of scarf is the long, thin tie-type scarf, usually silk, and usually expensive. You can see this type of scarf in the bottom left picture and bottom middle. 

The scarf on the bottom row, far right, is a large square tied bandana style. It's 78cm square. The infinity she's wearing with the purple pinafore came from Powder. Laid flat it measures 26 x 40cm.

Janice's advice for anyone new to scarves is to choose a patterned rather than plain scarf, as it's always much easier to co-ordinate with your wardrobe. She advises caution with big shawl type scarves if you're petite,  as they can drown small people.

My Experiences with Scarves

I started wearing scarves a few years ago as most of us do:  to try to hide my ageing neck. It doesn't work, by the way. Now I wear scarves as an accent for outfits, and for warmth in winter. My main problem has been tying them. I've got no patience so am not the sort to study YouTube tutorials, although I'm going to give you some suggestions.

My favourite scarf is the silk scarf designed for those with the Spring colourway by My Season Jewellery and Accessories. It has all the spring colours in it, so depending on how I arrange it, it goes with all my outfits. Scarves are useful for filling the gap of skin that's revealed with a scoop or v neck top, if, like me, you don't want to show a crepey decolletage!  (Below, far right). 

I also like to wear a Kettlewell infinity scarf "long" rather than round my neck (centre). 

One trick I've found is a scarf lock, which clips neatly around your scarf to avoid the hassle of tying it. I get mine from a US brand, Lock and Shine, which ships very quickly.  In the pic far left you can see how I've used a scarf lock. 

Another neat way to avoid having to tie a scarf is to get one that has a button, like the Rew. 

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton showing 3 ways of wearing scarves

The owner of Lock and Shine, Ana, has some great tips of using the scarf locks with many different types of clothes. I love how she changes the look of a sleeveless shift dress with shawl wraps

Ana Pinto from Lock and Shine demonstrates ways of draping a shawl scarf in a special post on scarves by Is This Mutton

Celebrities in Scarves

I chose some of my favourite celebrities wearing scarves at the top and below. Don't consider wearing a scarf as head wear, as Kylie and Madonna do, unless you have amazing bone structure and the sense of style that can carry it off. (And don't wear head scarves in the manner of Princess Anne either).

David Bowie wore scarves throughout his career. Tilda Swinton also wears scarves quite a lot, usually in her trademark structural way. Monty Don has made scarves a key part of his relaxed style. 

More Resources on Tying Scarves

I found these on YouTube:

How NOT to Wear a Scarf in 2023 (12 EASY Ways To Wear Them BETTER!) from my friend Anna at My Over 50 Fashion Life 

I hope you enjoyed the scarf special. I'd love to hear your thought

s on scarves. When do you wear them? What are your favourite types and brands? Do share in the comments. 

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  1. Why I never wear scarfs is beyond me. It adds so much to a outfit! Thanks for the link up Gail!

    1. Must be to do with your style personality Nancy - not all women get on with them

  2. Love this, I have a few scarfs which I really love but always struggle with how to wear them without looking like an air stewardess 😅 thanks so much for sharing x

    1. You're very welcome. I'm practising big time to tie my scarves much more neatly!

  3. Another lovely blog read. Nice one Gail x Jacqui

  4. I love a good scarf! I actually went to a class on scarf tying in Paris - they take it very seriously there!


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