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Thursday 27 October 2016

Two easier ways to wear scarves

Scarf in fuchsia by Rew, UK
Scarf by Rew
I don't know about you but I find scarves impossible. I just can't tie or arrange them in a pleasing way.  I usually end up looking like Dick Turpin. I've tried YouTube tutorials but I'm afraid this is one skill that eludes me.

Never fear though, two solutions are available!  Buff and Rew.

Rew make glamorous and dramatic "scarves" that have a simple one button fastening. Simplicity itself. I have a pink one (pictured) and a cream one. They work best with plain colours and structure. Mine are very warm too which is great as the weather gets colder.

Another bonus: all the scarves are made in the UK.

White and black spotted Buff scarf

Buff - not just for hiking

Another solution is Buff. If you're familiar with the name, it's probably from hiking. They're famous for stretchy patterned tubes that you can wear as head and neckwear. The trendy young guy who was our guide on a Lake District walk was wearing one. The great thing is, they come in many different designs and colours and make great scarves which fall neatly into place.  I'm wearing my spotty Buff below.

I have several others: a hair band, which I only wear hiking, and the "tubes" below. One is called Tour de France for obvious reasons.  Shop around if you want to buy a Buff or two. I find they're often cheaper on Amazon.

Buff Tour de France scarf

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