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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Meet the Hollywood Browzer

Review of the Hollywood Browzer hair removal tool

The "Must Have" tool to sort out those pesky facial hair issues 

Hands up if you've ever wished there was an easy way of dealing with "peach fuzz", that undesirable aura of fine down that grows over our cheeks and along the jawbone.  Most of the time it's just there and not causing a problem, but sometimes in bright sunshine it's very obvious.

Then there's hair above the lip.....and hairs in the sideburns area that look untidy when you want to put your hair up.

But now a new device, the very affordable Hollywood Browzer, is here to address these issues.

It's long been used in Asia and Hollywood but has not been available in the UK until now.  As well as removing peach fuzz, the little tool - which looks a bit like a butter knife - can also be used to groom eyebrows and remove coarse hairs on the chin. You can neaten up your hairline and remove unruly hairs - ideal if you have a bob and the back is cropped very close to your head.
So first of all, the unboxing.  You get two Browzers plus a pouch in the package. Each blade lasts for two to three months. I was pleased to see there was no complicated instructions or batteries. The blade flicks open to reveal a stainless steel waffle coated blade with safety guards on both sides. 

Initially, I applied it very gingerly as if I was buttering bread, thinking that it might be very sharp and whisk hairs off as fast as a Game of Thrones sword.

That isn't the case for safety reasons, so I became bolder and applied a little more pressure. You then see the little hairs and fluff coming off, and you wipe the blade clean. I can guarantee there's no pain, and it's an effective exfoliator as it removes dry skin as well as the hairs.

My Gran would have loved this tool. One of my mum's abiding memories is seeing her idly flicking tweezers over her chin, every evening. 

Having no peach fuzz aura means that I don't have to worry about being seen as hairy in the sunshine, and my makeup looks smoother.  A great little tool. 

Buy it from Hollywood Browzer here.

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Disclosure: I was given a Hollywood Browzer to review but this is not a sponsored post. My reviews are always objective and honest.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect product!


  2. Interesting product! Thanks for the review.

    Gemma x

  3. Thanks so much for reminding me that I need to get this. I've recently saw it on Youtube (different product though) and heard exactly the same reasons you're stating. I'm especially interested in making my foundation look more even. And the exfoliation thing is just perfect. Have a great evening. Love, Kirsten x


  4. Interesting, great post about it - many thanks. Jacqui


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