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Sunday 12 February 2017

Style Imitating Art: Georgia O'Keefe "Pond in the Woods"

The SIA Challenge is a fun opportunity to match an outfit to a famous painting, open to anyone. This time it's based on US artist Georgia O'Keefe's "Pond in the Woods" and curated by Erin from Loop Looks.

Here's the painting, from 1922:
My outfit has the green and brown tones, plus the lighter "centre" colours in my fun pom poms - which are also circular of course.

To see what Erin came up with, visit her blog tomorrow Monday - and there'll be a round-up of the other contributions on Tuesday.
Gail Hanlon blogger wearing brown and green shades
Cape: Asos; jumper: Next; trousers, necklace and boots, Marks & Spencer; bag: Ferragmo; pom poms, Ebay. Everything is past season except the pom poms.
Gail Hanlon blogger wearing brown and green

Gail Hanlon blogger wearing brown and green
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  1. This is a perfect look to me. I love all the colours, the cape and trousers go oerfectly together.

  2. I love that cape! I wanted one so badly when I was young, but my mum said no. I remember pulling the sleeves of my mum's coat inside out and trying to wear it cape-like. The things we do 😂

    1. I had a fantastic cape when I was young, pale green with a fur trimmed hood. It had belonged to a neighbour's daughter and unfortunately, because it was so distinctive, everyone recognised it and called me "secondhand Rose" which took away some of the joy of wearing it!

  3. Nice! The pom-poms were a very fun addition. And you did get in some purple tones with your boots, which look to be a purple-y burgundy color on my screen.

    1. They are indeed burgundy Jen, I had forgotten about them!

  4. What a stunning look! Love the cape! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  5. I love this interpretation, Gail!!
    The cape really does steal the show!! It's so classic yet interesting!!

  6. The cape is such a flattering shape to wear over anything and you've got the colors of the painting to perfection - looks great

  7. Gorgeous, and fabulous interpretation. Love that cape!

  8. I do love this idea Gail and need to check it out, very creative and up my alley. The painting with its blues and green hues and circular nature was perfectly interpreted, love the round pompom and your pretty blue, green top. I have a cape on my wishlist for next winter!
    thanks for linking with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  9. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.


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