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Friday 24 February 2017

Bright colourful leggings!

Image showing bright colourful leggings for sport from Yoga Leggs worn by over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon
Yoga Leggs Love leggings with Puma trainers and Under Armour top 
I used to wear plain black leggings and tops for my yoga and sport. I thought I was too old for brightly coloured patterned garb. But then everyone at yoga and Repose Studio, all ages and all sizes, started wearing gorgeous patterned leggings from a local firm,Yoga Leggs. When I saw how good they looked on all women, I was hooked.

I'm sporting two brand new designs, limited editions: Love, above and Hibiscus below, with the blue top; plus a pair which are also still available (Mystical Mermaid),  And I recently cracked open two new boxes of trainers.

I'm quite fussy about my sport leggings. I can't bear them too tight or too low-rise. That compressed Spanx effect often creates lumps and bumps and maybe a camel toe too (ewww). Yoga Leggs are very soft and silky, and because they have a high waist, they obliterate the muffin top.

I've had the Mermaid pair, and a pair of the three-quarter length "Pink Panthers" for several months and washed them dozens of times, and the colours and shape stay true. At £45 for full-length and £40 for three-quarter length, they're also very affordable.

I sometimes wear my leggings at home and nipping out to the shop, even though wearing them "as trousers / pants" was until recently a no-go. Just lately, celebs have been spotted wearing them like this. But I don't wear them with other clothes like tunics or dresses.
Love leggings by Yoga Leggs,  Under Armour Pink Shock Twist Tech Tee, Puma trainers
Of course it was inevitable that I would try to ham it up a bit with "action" shots, but where's a husband when you need one? I was coping with Storm Doris and her 87 mph winds and only had the tripod available to me, which meant timer shots could not be in sports mode or continuous (on this camera anyway). Still, I had a go - with mixed results. I didn't attempt any yoga poses in case purists criticized my technique.
Hibiscus leggings by Yoga Leggs worn with Puma trainers
Hibiscus leggings by Yoga Leggs worn with Nike top, Puma trainers

Yoga Leggs Hibiscus leggings and Under Armour tee
Hibiscus leggings by Yoga Leggs, Under Armour Pink Shock Twist Tech Tee, shoes by Puma, bag by Nike

Mystical Mermaid leggings by Yoga Leggs, top by Nike (past season), Nike Black Orange Air Zoom Pegasus 3 trainers

Mystical Mermaid leggings and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus shoes worn by over-40s blogger Gail Hanlon
Mystical Mermaid leggings by Yoga Leggs; top by Nike (past season); Nike Black Orange Air Zoom Pegasus 3 trainers
It's exciting to see all the bulbs forming and in some cases flowering in the garden. The iris reticulata are in full flower in pots on my "plant theatre". Happy days!
What's your take on bright and colourful leggings? How would you style them for everyday wear? I'd love to know.

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  1. You go girl - great looks! My thumbs up to the mermaid legs - gorgeous x

  2. You look awesome! Love every pair. I need to check out this brand.


  3. Why not be colorful? I think they look really good. I'm glad you actually managed shots through storm Doris! It was a useless task here! xx


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