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Sunday 7 May 2017

Take the years off with a new hairstyle

Gail Hanlon, blogger, with new choppier hair cut and colour

It's easy to get into a rut with your hair. I know all too well. From the age of 15 through most of my adult life, I sported a medium length wavy style which I called "the revised mullet" because it required no fancy styling or products. It was very wash and go. I didn't use a dryer.
Before the age of 15, there was the dreaded feather cut, but let's draw a veil over that.

There were a few flirtations over the years with short, bobbed or permed styles, and I even had some some hair extensions in 1990, way before they were popular. But I always came back to the revised mullet.

I then met Jodie, who had a tiny salon tucked away in a local shopping arcade. I saw an ad in a local paper about her new salon, saying she was Toni and Guy trained, and as I like to use local businesses, I went along for a cut n blow dry.

Jodie gave me the bob style which I've had since 2013. It became increasingly blonder over time, although like any good hairdresser, Jodie wouldn't let me go too far lest it become crispy and frazzled.

I liked my bob: it was easy to manage, as long as I blow dried it  (leaving it to dry naturally, as I did with the "revised mullet" meant it stuck out at weird angles).

Jodie fulfilled her dream of opening her own salon, Mustard & Co. She had a talented team and they often take part in competitions, and are constantly taking courses to keep skills up-to-date. Jodie's salon was one of the first to start selling the luxurious brand Davines from Italy, and now all their hair colourants are from Davines: no parabens, sulphates and other nasties.

She now operates from her home salon in Rayleigh, Essex, and still offers Davines products. 

Jodie got in touch with me recently and suggested an edgier style might look good, particularly with all my fashion blogging (or as my husband calls it, parading around in the garden in silly poses).

I had to agree: I was wondering if my hair was a bit too helmet or Theresa May-like, and when I wore "boho florals" someone suggested my hair was totally unsuitable for the genre. The "before" shot is below.

The "before" shot of the hair transformation of Gail Hanlon, blogger from Is This Mutton?

I'm thrilled with the outcome and never had so many positive comments on Instagram and FB! Someone suggested it takes 10 years off. Happy with that! As it's shorter around the ears, I can even wear earrings now that might be seen. But a shorter cut does need a bit more effort in terms of makeup. Here's the back view:

Image showing the back view of the new hairstyle of Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton?

I washed it myself a little nervously, as you always wonder if it will look as good as when the salon does it, and I didn't even have to use a hairdryer. It dried very quickly and I was able to "flick up" the side bits, a bit like Lulu, and it looked fine. I forgot to buy the pomade that Jodie used (less drying and less defining than gel or powder - which is good as I don't like too much "definition" in case it looks scruffy) but will go back and get some.

There are quite a few bloggers whose hair I admire: Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots, and Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust, as I love the colour of their hair.  I love the chic styles of Jane from My Midlife Fashion, Judith from Style Crone (unbelievably in her 70s) and Mandy from Fashion Unfolded By Mandy.

If you're thinking about having a new style, I've put together a Hairstyles board on Pinterest. There are short, medium and long styles, and styles for fine and thick hair.

Finally, consider hair pieces or wigs. The lovely Nisha at SugarPuffAndFluff has a number of videos on wigs, reviews and how to put them on. For hair extensions, back in 1990 I went to a lady called Lucinda Ellery who has now become very well-known for the hair loss systems she creates and designs. She now has salons in salons in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Solihull and  Los Angeles and New York.

What was the worst hair style you ever had?  Do share!

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  1. I'm totally blown away by this new look Gail.It really has taken years off too. I've been stuck in a rut with mine for ages, but it's just so easy to wear the way it is. xx

    1. Your hair is lovely Laurie - so lucky to have that colour and it looks thick and manageable. x

  2. I love your new look! It is so sassy! I cut half my hair of last December and have been keeping it shorter and I love it! Hair is a complicated thing for us sometimes I guess. Great post! Peace! Cheryl Tucker

    1. Hair is very complicated - have you noticed how women often cut all their hair off after a traumatic event? Thanks for the visit Cheryl x

  3. What a great hair cut - it really suits you!

    1. Thanks Penny....it's looking less great today as I have a cold and big red nose, and it's a look that needs a full face of make-up and earrings. Ho hum!
      Thanks for the visit. x

  4. Oh, you look positively smashing with this new style! So fun and carefree. It also looks like it could be quite versatile. Thank you for the shout out, as well.

  5. Great new 'do. I went much shorter about six months ago and I love it. But most of my family wants me to go back to the same ole same ole. Seems like I should have the final say on MY hair!


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