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Monday 5 June 2017

Marvellous Metallics: 5 Over 50 Challenge #2

Rock star chic with metallic boots and skirt and Bowie t-shirt
This month the 5 Over 50 Challenge is Marvellous Metallics with the challenger being Anna from Anna's Island Style. I love metallics, particularly footwear, but I decided to stretch myself by styling a rock chick type of look!
I've got metallic overload with my black and gold skirt from River Island (old), clutch bag (Accessorize), gold boots (last season, Office), gold mules (Marks and Spencer). and gold belt (Madeleine, old). And for good measure, the bomber jacket I refer to as "the Elton John jacket," which has black sequins. I bought it when we went to see Elton in Belfast.

The Bowie t-shirt I bought on eBay. I wish I'd kept my 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour t-shirt! Finally I kept it up-to-date with long tassel earrings from Next, but took Kate Moss's advice and wore just one. How to wear a lot of metallics in one outfit!

Black sequin bomber, black and gold metallic skirt and metallic accessories for a rock star look

Gail Hanlon, blogger for Is This Mutton, in the 5 Over 50 Challenge Marvellous Metallics

Marvellous Metallics is the 5 Over 50 Challenge for June 2017
Wearing black and gold in the 5 Over 50 Challenge Marvellous Metallics: blogger Gail Hanlopn from Is This Mutton?

The over-50s can wear metallics as shown in the 5 Over 50 Challenge Marvellous Metallics
What do you think of my "new look"? Bit of a departure from the norm!
Now let's see how my four cohorts tackled the challenge:
If you challenge an over-50s fashion blogger to style Marvellous Metallics, Anna's Island Style shows the kids how to do it
 Anna from Anna's Island Style is rocking a metallic skirt and sandals. I absolutely love her necklace and bag!
Marvellous Metallics worn by over-50s blogger Lazy Daisy Jones
 Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones is wearing a pale gold metallic skirt but has given it a feminine edge with delicate shoes and a pretty blue denim top.
Elegant over-50s blogger Laurie from Vanity and Me in fantastic metallic trousers
How sensational does Laurie from Vanity and Me  look in these metallic trousers? Her sandals and bag also pack some metallic punch.
One of the 5 Over 50, Mummabstylish, in the June 2017 challenge Marvellous Metallics
Jacqui from Mummabstylish has the most wonderful scarf with silver stars and has fabulous silver accessories.

You'll find all the outfits on our 5 Over 50 Pinterest board.

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  1. How fab we all look in this challenge Gail! I love the lace panel in the pleated skirt and the sequin bomber jacket looks fantastic xx

    1. Thanks Laurie - you look sensational in those metallic trousers! I've never had the courage to try either metallic or leather trousers but seeing how great you look has inspired me to give them a try. Your gold accessories are fab!

  2. Wow, so rock chick! Better store this look for your next concert! Intrigued about the KM one earring idea. I have a fave black dangle pair that have become a single. Wore it a few months ago but my hair hid the other ear. Now I can be brazen and stylish with my single!

  3. I think it's one of her better ideas to steal with pride! It's also apparently hip to wear two mismatched earrings, although I think Mr Mutton will be extremely perplexed by that one!

  4. Gail I love your Bowie t-shirt, we are all serious Bowie fans in our house. In January we saw the exhibition of his personal Art at Sothebys before it was sold off.
    I have green eyes for your sequin Jacket marvellous indeed!
    best Ashley

    1. Been a big Bowie fan since I was 12. Ebay is a rich seam for tshirts!

  5. I'm not usually a fan of metallic but I like all of these, I might just have to think again #CreativeMondays

    1. Metallics are neutrals, I always say ---- most outfits can be brightened up with gold or silver shoes!

  6. Loving the combination of band tshirt and metallics! I will be trying this for sure.

  7. Such a fun challenge!

    I love your outfit! The skirt is so fun, and the gold mules are fabulous! You look great!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'm still not sure if I would actually wear it out....

  8. Looking great in metallics! The skirt is lovely.

    Gemma x

  9. Gail---you look fantastic!!! The skirt is incredible and I love your hair!!

  10. That was a clever move to show both gold shoes and mules here Gail! I had struggled between mules and silver brogues and wish I'd thought to showcase both too. I hadn't noticed the lace panel in your skirt which just adds another wonderful dimension of loveliness. It's great to see you channel your rock chick - yet another youthful look on you. Fabulous!

    Anna x

    1. I'll let you into a secret Anna - I did 2 shoots. The first one was with the gold boots but my legs looked like tree trunks so had to do another shoot, this time with the mules!

  11. We have almost the exact same sequinned bomber jacket! : )

    Love that sexy lace panel on the skirt and those gold booties. I'm a sucker for booties over the mules.


  12. I love the Bowie T-shirt paired with the pleated skirt! The lace panel is a lovely detail. The sequin jacket tops it off perfectly. Fabulous!

    Emma xxx

  13. Love your outfit, your metallic skirt looks great and love how you have styled it. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) I will be featuring your look next week on the blog hop.

    1. Thanks again for linking up Gail, pinned and featured :)

  14. I think you look gorgeous in the rock chick look (one of my all time favourite styles, no less) and that last close-up photo of you is absolutely stunning, Gail.
    Suzy xx

    1. It's not a look I've ever done before, so great to be breaking out of comfort zone in old age!

  15. Another look I loved when I saw you on Instagram, Gail! And that Bowie t-shirt is too fun!


  16. Thanks for joining our Ageless Style linkup party. What a great bomber!

  17. Love the variety of everyone's metallic looks! Your skirt is fab and I love it with the sequined bomber and gold mules.. perfect and fun with the tee. I could use a feww casual tees as they are fun to wear as it gets hotter too!
    Thanks for linking
    jess xx

  18. Ahhh, Gail, you are truly a lady after my own heart. With that Bowie top and the Sir Elton bomber, and metallic gold booties. Be still my pounding heart.

  19. I do apologise Gail, how rude of me not to comment, I think it was one of those I've commented in my head moments!!!
    I love this look on you and loved taking part too. Xx

  20. I love how you styled the pretty pleated metallic skirt Gail. Nice T-Shirt and I am dying over the gorgeous and classic gold mules in the perfect heel. =)

    Welcome by and join my brand-new linkup this week. It just went live!


    Enjoy your week, Ada. =)


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