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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Adding some sparkle to National Selfie Day

June 21 is normally noted for being the Longest Day (Summer Solstice) but this year it has a new distinction: it's National Selfie Day. The wonderful online jewellery retailer Gemporia is using thisas an opportunity to highlight some of its gems, and I was thrilled to accept an opal ring to create a "Gemfie."
Opals are one of the most spectacular gemstones. A single stone can flash every colour of the spectrum with an intensity and quality of color that can surpass the "fire" of diamond.

The best opals can command prices per carat that rival the most expensive diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

My opal comes from the Australian Coober Pedy mine and has 0.8cts of gorgeous milky white opal. It's a stone that goes with so many colours and outfits.

Check out what other bloggers are wearing: https://www.gemporia.com/en-gb/gemology-hub/article/557/national-selfie-day-take-a-gemfie/

* I was gifted with a ring from Gemporia but my opinions and editorial content are my own,


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  1. That's a lovely opal ring. Your skin looks amazing!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks Emma! The opal has a lovely iridescent quality under light which you can't really see in the photo.

  2. Great to be partnering together on another post with you Gail! You chose well! xx

  3. You look fabulous! I love to add blue to my eyes! Have a great day! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

    1. I persist in wearing blue mascara even though I read it's not for older women! Who cares? x

  4. You look amazing especially eyes. Beautiful skin is something which every girl dream of. Wearing cleansing moisturizer is must for great radiant skin :)

  5. Now THAT's how you take a selfie! Beautiful, my friend. Xo Jonet

  6. You are stunning! That ring is lovely too �� Xxx


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