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Friday, 23 June 2017

The indispensable denim skirt

A denim skirt goes with so many looks, in this case a brightly coloured patterned top
I've worn denim skirts ever since I was 15 and they were really big news worn with denim waistcoats (unfortunately so). I buy a new one every year - this one is from John Lewis.

Inevitably there's some criteria attached to my ideal denim skirt. Stretchy denim, but not too tight: I really can't bear it when it's hard to walk in a denim skirt. Knee length. So this one is spot on. I'm wearing it with a brightly coloured top from Next (out of stock) and gold collar from Marks and Spencer. Plus my denim wedges, which are a couple of years old.

I've also got a darker denim skirt, below, which I've teamed here with a Next t-shirt (old), a silver belt  and my new sequin beach bag from Pure Collection.  

Blogger Gail Hanlon from over-50s fashion blog Is This Mutton?

Denim skirts to die for


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  1. Oh wow I love this outfit today! That skirt is so cute but the top and shoes make the outfit so fun! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  2. I love a pencil denim skirt too - and this one is fab - as is that pretty blouse! Thanks for linking, xox


  3. Having a look at that darling Boden skirt. Like the bit of flair and the large patch pockets. I have two denim skirts I love but fear they've grown tight. Working on that issue now.

    Have admired your recent Insta posts and outfits, Gail!

  4. Such a fab item of clothing, just as good as jeans, but perfect form warmer weather. Love the necklace Gail. Jacqui

    1. I wish I'd taken a denim skirt on holiday- don't know why I didn't! Thanks Jacqui.

  5. Love a denim skirt and your showing this one off with great flair Gail! xx


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