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Wednesday 11 October 2017

Where are the bodysuits? And no more Hygge or Ikigai!

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Mutton's Choice Cuts, October 2017

Shirts, blouses and a lot of other tops are very annoying when tucked into a skirt or trousers. There's either too much fabric, creating wrinkly bottoms and bunching, or not enough fabric, which means they constantly wriggle free.

So I can fully understand why bodysuits became a thing in the 80s: the all-in-one which gave a smooth line but had issues of its own around poppers on the undercarriage and sometimes a cheese wire (thong).

I was idly browsing Asos and Marks and Spencer looking for bodysuits. Asos and indeed Boohoo and Topshop have lots, but they are either the nylon frilly type which is strictly for the boudoir, or the figure hugging, off-the-shoulder variety which I'm thinking may be a little chilly for winter.  M&S was a disaster offering bodysuits only for babies in the form of rompers.

The late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was definitely on to something when she created her fashion brand Desiderata which specialised in the "kubbi," a beautifully tailored body suit in the style of a man's shirt. Unfortunately, priced at £199 they were maybe out of reach from most women and her sister closed the company down after her death.
Image showing the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in one of her shirted bodysuits
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in one of her Kubbi bodysuits
Wolford was always a good bet for bodysuits but they don't seem to have updated their range since the 80s and most of them are still thong based and too form-fitting and unforgiving of assorted muffins, etc.

Retailers: big opportunity!

An End to Mindfulness, Hygge, Ikigai - please!
Image showing happy Japanese grandmothers from KBG84 performing at a herb garden
Pop idol grannies from KBG84 perform at a herb garden on Kohama Island, Okinawa Prefecture (Credit: Getty Images)

You'll remember last year an obsession with "Hygge," the Nordic way of happiness which seems to revolve around throws, cosy blankets, candles and hearty stews - all things we Brits were doing anyway. This year the canny retailers and pseudo-psychologists have scented another sales opportunity with "Ikigai" , a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." Check out this article on Ikigai replacing Hygge. 

I know they find it hard to get us into stores to buy new soft furnishings and/or books and so on but let's not be mugs and fall prey to the latest marketing scam.

And while we're on this theme, I'm "so over" Mindfulness as well. Just the very word makes me squirm. I enjoy a bit of yoga or meditation like most of us, but I don't need to be patronised about "thinking mindfully" all the time,  or even slow eating while we're at it.  Sometimes I eat fast too and that's OK! 

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  1. My stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) has always loved bodysuits because they don't come untucked!! It's funny how our body shapes can determine what clothing we like!!

  2. I use to love bodysuits but could never wear the ones they made in the 80's. I am long in the body and they never use to fit right. They look great on with jeans and trousers. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday Blog Hop.


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