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Sunday 22 October 2017

Side striped trousers and Teatum Jones shirt

Image showing over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in gold side striped trousers and Teatum Jones white shirt with leopard print kitten heels.There's something very timeless about a crisp white shirt and black trousers. I was tempted to try these Hush side stripe trousers after seeing them on Nikki from Midlife Chic. I liked the idea of a gold stripe - it makes them more glamorous and less like Adidas jogging pants. The shirt, which has wonderful texture and glamorous sleeves, is by up-and-coming London brand Teatum Jones, sold by Next in their new initiative "Mix" which features independent designers. 
Image showing woman over 40 in black trousers with a gold side stripe and a frilled sleeve white tailored shirtThe shirt is wonderful quality with buttons covered by the placket (always a sign of quality) and darts. I added a waist belt and chunky pearls.
Image showing woman in her 50s wearing gold side stripe trousers , leather waist belt and frilled sleeve white shirt
The shoes are a fun touch. I never used to go anywhere near leopard or cheetah print until last summer, thinking it too Bet Lynch. But I was converted by a leopard print clutch bag which went with so many outfits. I don't think you'll ever see me in an animal print faux fur coat but I love touches of leopard print in accessories.

The kitten heel shoes are by Vionic, so not only are they very  stylish, they're also comfortable. Vionic's unique FMT Technology provides superior orthotic support, relief and stability to help realign the feet back to their natural position.  I wrote about Vionic here.
The socks are what we used to call "pop sox" by Charnos - they now call them "fashion knee highs." I like the different designs they come in.
Image showing a close up of the frilled sleeve shirt by Teatum Jones from Mix at Next

Image showing Josie kitten heel shoes in tan leopard by Vionic

Outfit Details

Teatum Jones frill cuff shirt, Mix at Next; Josie shoes in tan leopard, Vionic; Alexis trousers, Hush. Belt, Once Upon a Belt; fashion knee high socks, Charnos.

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What do you think about side stripe trousers? Smart enough for the office or dining out, or best saved for the gym?

And how much leopard or cheetah print do you have?


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  1. Nicely put together outfit, Gail, showing that leoprint IS a neutral! The trousers aren't for my body shape, they'd bring attention to my short stumpy legs but they look super on your long, slim legs.
    When you mentioned the new Next initiative the other day I looked on the site but couldn't find it. Lovely cuff detail on that shirt, so a great taster for WHEN I am successful on the site!
    Now the shoe make is interesting for someone who's suffered with plantar fasciitis, like me. I'm heading over there now. Thank you.
    Hugs, x.

    1. Next are numpties! I searched on their site myself and couldn't find any mention, but when I Googled it I got this: http://www.next.co.uk/label-mix

      Let me know how you get on with the Vionic shoes! x

  2. I was just wearing my striped pants like these on the post about pants for dress up!!
    I think this is a fabulous look ,Gail!

    1. They've suddenly become a big trend - I was trying on another pair yesterday from The-Bias-Cut.com!

  3. Gorgeous shirt too Gail. I could do with that for work. Funny I love leopard nowadays but my daughters wouldn't wear it as it can look what they call 'chavy' which I think is our Bet. They check me out to make sure I'm not 'chavy' when I wear it. Such a shame it has that connotation. I think it may be a uk thing.

  4. I'm crazy for the tuxedo style trousers, Gail! Love those leopard heels too. Thanks for linking up, xo


  5. That shirt is fabulous Gail. I like the trousers too, especially with that belt - what a tiny waist you have! I'm a fan of all sorts of animal print and even have have the very obvious fur coat too. I'm not bothered too much by whether others don't like it - I do and that's all that counts in my book.

    Looking forward to meeting you this week!
    Anna x

    1. I admire your spirit Anna! I wish I could seriously adopt the #iwillwearwhatiwantto mentality but all too often a little voice in my head gets in the way

  6. I really liked the trousers that I tried on at the Bias Cut shoot Gail. Tempted to get some of these. And as for the Vionic brand, I've just posted about them too and like you say really comfortable. Love the shirt here too, xx

  7. Oh I love those pants! Did I ever have pants with side stripes? I really can't remember, I think so but I can't see them in front of me. I love the cuffs of your blouse! Fantastic.

    1. I think I had Adidas pants a few years ago with a stripe down the side! But the gold stripe is a notch up.

  8. I love the shirt! Those sleeves would look fabulous peeking out from a velvet blazer. I really like how you've dressed the trousers up with the belt and shirt, and those shoes are gorgeous! I love leopard and cheetah print. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. I've had the sleeves peeking out, have to be careful not to trail them in my dinner! Thanks for the visit.


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