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Wednesday 6 March 2019

Endermolift facial to stimulate collagen production

Putting the machine to work:  beauty therapist Sue Ali with her LPG Endermolift facial
After a week in Germany at an industry trade event, I was exhausted, dehydrated and feeling the effects of a convenience diet without many fruit and vegetables. So it was a great time to indulge in a special facial courtesy of Sue Ali at her salon Endermospa in Loughton, Essex.

The salon specialises in Endermologie, which is extremely popular in France where there's a salon practically on every high street.  Unlike many treatments, this one is backed by serious scientific studies. Endermologie tackles the connective tissue beneath the skin with a gentle massage machine that has dozens of different protocols.

The Endermolift facial uses the same technology specially adapted for the face. A study showed that it's the only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid by an increase of +80%* without the use of injectable sources.

Sounded good to me, particularly as Sue uses the respected SkinCeuticals range in her salon.

The Midas Touch

After a cleanse and exfoliation, Sue put her magic machine to work. The "probe" makes a cute chugging little sound which is quite relaxing, and the treatment tackles different areas. My facial was intended for lifting and firming. Sue explained how the treatment also increases the natural production of collagen as well as elastin in the skin cells.  If you've been having other treatments, it enhances the results of Dermal fillers, Botox and Mesotherapy.  Importantly for me, it reduces the appearance of dark circles and eye bags and smoothes wrinkles. I like the fact it is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non surgical treatment.

Sue is one of the most highly qualified LPG practitioners in the country (LPG is the French company behind Endermologie), holding the Advanced Expert LPG Practitioner Certification.
Sue Ali, advanced LPG practitioner, at her salon in Loughton, Essex
She regularly takes new training courses and experiments on new technology from LPG as it is developed. Sue  will be bringing a new medical machine to the salon soon which tackles skin pre and post liposuction, in collaboration with cosmetic surgeons.

After the relaxing treatment, a gold colloidal mask was applied - the final Midas touch!
Middle aged woman undergoing a facial with a gold colloidal face mask applied
Sue finished off with SkinCeutical's famous CE Ferulic Serum and a moisturizer.

Afterwards I could definitely see the lifting effect, and my skin was glowing.  This is me without any make-up. My jaw line is a little more defined, my eyes are lifted and the dark circles underneath are diminished.
Over 50s blogger Gail Hanlon after a facial aimed at stimulating collagen production
Disclosure: I was given a complimentary facial at Endermospa in Loughton, Essex, but as always my opinions and editorial judgment are my own. 

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  1. Hi - what a lovely surprise to see my post last week was the fav! I'm delighted. Thank you so much for show casing it. Your facial treatment looks absolutely marvellous. What a treat xx Maria

  2. Thank you Gail. I'll be interested to know whether the affect is long lasting. Your skin looked fab after.

  3. Nice ! Thanks for the review ! I enjoyed getting educated for such a treatment and now I know where I should go if I plan to do something similar

  4. I love a good facial! Next time I'm going to ask my beautician about some lifting treatments!


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