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Wednesday 13 March 2019

This concealer really works!

It's sad but true ladies that as we get older, we have more to hide. On our faces. It's not just pesky under eye circles but redness around the nose and pigmentation.

I've used dozens of concealers in my time, starting at age 14 with Rimmel "Hide n Heal" as it was called then.

Most of them start out OK:  there's a degree of coverage, then, over the hours, it all falls apart.  They either disappear or "pill," flaking into your lines and making you look far worse than when you started. But now I've found a real game changer in the world of concealers: Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away liquid concealer.

In the photo above, I'm suitably "concealed" having used Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away liquid concealer. I'm not wearing any other make-up, except lip balm, and I find this concealer is so effective, I don't even need foundation.

It was five years in the making, apparently, and it shows. The coverage is impressive, but even more so is the fact that hours later, the concealer hasn't moved.  It isn't highlighting lines and it's still hiding everything.

Below is a side profile, before I used the concealer.  You can see there's quite a big difference:

And below, a full face shot showing the left one side made-up with the concealer, and the other side bare.

This is how I apply it, under the eyes, around the corner of the eyes, on the pigmentation patches and on the sides of the nose, as well as around the cupid's lip for emphasis and in the corners of the mouth to reduce shadows.

The only snag with the product is that the fairer shades are often sold out. I bought a shade that was slightly too dark for me in winter, mainly because it was the only fair shade that was available, but I asked to be notified when the other colours became available again.  My ideal shade is 03, described as "Neutral beige for light skin with neutral undertones". This is the one I've used in these photos. The product below is my other shade, 04, "Warm beige for light skin with all undertones."

I'm not too keen on the sponge applicator because it's quite big to apply in the upper lid area. I like to apply concealer at the corner of my eyes where I tend to get a dark shadow, and it's not too easy with the sponge. In her tutorials Tilbury uses her fingers. We used to always use our fingers back in the day but I've become used to brushes, so it feels odd.

I'm finding it quite liberating being able to throw out the foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away liquid concealer costs £24 from Cult Beauty, John Lewis, Selfridges, Feel Unique, Sephora and of course the Charlotte Tilbury website.

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  1. That's a good one! I searched for years too and now use Estee Lauder.

  2. Sounds good. I'm always looking for a good concealer now!


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