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Tuesday 2 April 2019

Sentence a Day: March 2019 - a new baby, a ballet and buns

Fri Mar 1
Up at 4am for an early flight home from Nuremberg, Germany, where I've been attending a tech trade fair.  Back home by 8.30 and treated us to hot cross buns from the local baker's.

Sat Mar 2
Shopping. Had a lifting facial with Sue at Endermospa. Needed it, feeling very jaded after a week in an air conditioned trade fair!  Read about it here.

Sun Mar 3
Back in my routine of gym, shopping, housework and cooking a Sunday roast. We started watching Game of Thrones again from the start, in readiness for the new season. I know some of it off by heart!

Mon Mar 4
Don't feel myself. Bit spacey, constant headache, achey. Didn't go to work or in fact get much done. Scala Radio launched by Simon Mayo - classical radio station. Finished a book The Hunting Party, which was promising but then turned a bit predictable.

Tues Mar 5
Worked from home. Very busy in aftermath from last week's event. Booked for us to see the new Van Gogh exhibition in May.

Weds Mar 6
In office. Listened to the Homecoming podcast for the first time and loved it (although I didn't take to the TV show). Had a delivery of a pair of wide jeans and a silk shirt from Boden. See the blog post here.

Thurs Mar 7
Office. Lots of meetings today. Less stress-y now as a lot of the deadline for follow ups have been met. Curry for dinner.

Fri Mar 8
Sunny. International Women's Day. Published a post about Barbara Castle, a UK politician that many of us admired.  J took delivery of his new Samsung S10. Fish n chips for supper.

Sat Mar 9
Woke up early and finished a book The Silent Patient. Did my food shopping in Epping.  Ironing.  Started a new book, 9 Strangers, by Liane Moriarty. Went out with friends for a drink.

Sun Mar 10
Gym, roast beef, blog shoot, 2 posts written. V windy.

Mon Mar 11
Lovely spring day although cold and windy. US agency over. Meetings nearly all day. Had made a salad but bought a sandwich (v bad).  Started the Horror of Dolores Roach podcast series.

Tues Mar 12
In the office. Back on the straight and narrow with a kefir and banana breakfast and yesterday's salad.

Weds Mar 13
At home. Very windy. Again. Spotted that the Clematis Montanas are starting to bud. Always amazes me how they go looking dead and lifeless to suddenly shooting with greenery. Dinner of salmon, sweet potato, celeriac beetroot squash
A Clematis Montana springs into life, London March 2019
Thurs March 14
Finished 9 Strangers - about a spa break which becomes very challenging, shall we say. Enjoyed it.

Fri March 15
Working at home.

Sat March 16
Went to see a Harold Pinter play, Betrayal, with Tom Hiddleston.

Sun Mar 17
Sunny but cold. Walked to PP. Roast chicken.  Published St Patrick's Day post

Monday Mar 18
In office. Long dull day.

Tues 19 March 
At home. Saw the nurse at the surgery for a check up.

Weds 20 March 
In office. Hold up on M11 but still got to office in good time.

Thurs 21 March
No ftf meetings so worked from home. Ordered some Easter goodies, simnel cake and Easter crackers. Gym. Signed the online Brexit petition calling for a second referendum.

Fri 22 March
At home. Cold, cloudy. Hot cross buns. Simnel cake came for Mum.

Sat 23 March
Gym and shopping in Epping. Set myself a charity shop challenge and found a black t shirt with sequinned sleeves and a jacket. See the post here. Did some gardening, first time this year.

Sat 24 March
Rachel and Sean came for lunch. Cooked a gammon with jacket potatoes. Did a blog shoot - three outfits! Watched Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mon 25th March
Went to Covent Garden to see the ballet Don Quixote. Had dinner in the theatre beforehand with my three sisters-in-law. Ballet was spectacular, very lavish, huge corps and excellent scenery and staging.
Is This Mutton'#s Gail Hanlon - third from left - with her three sisters-in-law at the Royal Ballet production of Don Quixote

Waiting for curtain up at the Royal Opera House in London
Tues 26 March
In office. Did shopping first. Forgot to wear a coat and was a bit chilly!

Weds 27 March
Worked from home.

Thurs 28 March
Getting ready to go to Devon.  Bagged up some winter clothes.

Fri 29 March
Had a six hour drive to Devon but wonderful weather.  Listened to crime podcasts on the way. The wife of John's son went into hospital as their baby is overdue, and an induction is likely.

Sat 30 March
Lovely weather again. Took Mum to a garden centre and had lunch. Planted 2 clematis for her.

Sun 31st
Sunny. Wanted to get some photos of us both before we went out, but the camera/smartphone app was not working, Sony having replaced the existing one. Went to a shopping centre in Torquay followed by Mother's Day lunch at the Grand Hotel. First time we've been there and was lovely.

Apple tart with clotted cream
My step grand daughter was born. Proud grandad John went to see the baby. I was still with Mum.

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  1. I did not realize it was mothers day in the UK until yesterday when I started seeing posts on IG from my UK friends! Your mum is lovely! Congrats on the new baby in the family!

  2. Interesting idea and a good read. Thabks for sharing X #bloggerclubuk

  3. Wow what a busy month! It so many good things, your Saturday the 9th, wow so much accomplished! And finishing and starting a book in one day, I can’t remember the last time I did that.


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