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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Make Your Views Heard: It's the Annual Is This Mutton? Survey - and link up

It's time for women over the age of 50 to make their voices heard. Take part in the 2020 annual Is This Mutton? survey on attitudes to ageing, fashion and beauty.
I need your help friends. Will you share your views on what it's like to be 50+ today?  It's the second Is This Mutton? survey, and since the first, a year ago, things have changed considerably for us.
There's a lot more focus on respecting the planet - using less plastic, buying fewer clothes and making greener choices.  There has been more mainstream discussion, certainly in the UK, on the menopause. Gradually mature women are featuring in more advertising (although not many leading brands).

Several women were happy to discuss their experience of going grey/gray, in 2019, and how empowering they found it.

But there's a viewpoint developing that if we hide our age from others, we're colluding with the anti-ageing viewpoint that continues to perpetuate. Logically, this could mean that disguising our age by dyeing our hair, or having "tweakments," or even wearing makeup, could be interpreted as us colluding. But where do you draw the line at wanting to look your best, for your age?  Are we literally expected to just "give up" as we get older?
The annual Is This Mutton? survey of women over the age of 50 is open. Make sure your views are heard!
For those of us who work, ageism is rife in the workplace but rarely mentioned. The last thing we want to do is call out our age when we're working with colleagues whose parents are the same age as we are.

Finally, the media continues to use outdated stereotypes to represent older people.  Any sort of survey about people in the workplace over the age of 50 is greeted with an image that typically shows very wrinkled hands  (belonging to someone 80+) grasping a cane, or an older woman looking tired and desperate. Any news story featuring an older woman refers to her as a "granny" even if she's in her 40s. Yet stories about men of the same age rarely have them headlined as granddads.

It's vital that we make our views known. And when there's research that shows the positive impact of older people, let's keep it and use it.  People respond to data.  I'm going to start sharing more of these nuggets with you, because if you're on the job market maybe unexpectedly, as I was in 2017, it will boost your confidence to know certain facts about older employees in terms of our willingness to adapt and be flexible, and our grey matter.

Finally, I will publish an article on the survey's results and promote it widely on social media and with the national papers. Last year's survey attracted nearly 500 entries. If you're willing to be interviewed as part of my article, perhaps on how you perceive ageism at work or your attitude towards it, let me know in the survey where I've asked a specific question.

Complete The Survey

I've used Google Forms for the survey which means you will probably need to take it on a PC or tablet.  The usual survey engines that exist expect you to sign up for a year and their free surveys only allow 100 responses, so I'm experimenting with Google Forms and hope it doesn't put you off entering.

To take part, answer the questionnaire on Google Forms:
If you have any problem with the link, cut and paste this link into your browse:r https://forms.gle/7jLy6CHqgDeKk6fr8

I won't be asking for your email address (unless you agree to take part in my follow-up article) or compromising your privacy.

I'm also promoting the link on the Is This Mutton? Facebook page and via Twitter.  Do share with your friends.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you about the way they portray "over 50's", especially those ridiculous wrinkled hands that look like 90!

  2. Sometimes there have been articles in #over50 which have me rolling in the floor! Some treat as as #OLD #ANCIENT!
    Think many of us find freedom turning 50, better turning 60!
    I also notice that younger women are more into #botox and #fillers than my age, I'm 62!. They don't realise some of them look much older, Botox freezes and gives u that stark frightened look. Trust me I spent a lot of time investigating Botox, I didn't like what I saw.
    Fillers are quite different and maybe I would consider much later, at the moment I like me! And I would NEVER Botox or use fillers on my hands. I want people to know that I've been around a long time, it's a privilege.
    Dress for u, be smart with good shoes, cosmetics and skincare. Be happy, be kind and u are 90% younger with a great attitude!


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