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Wednesday 15 April 2020

Bluebell Wood - and Link Up

Is This Mutton? blogger Gail Hanlon on the annual bluebell wood walk
There's always a treat for me at this time of year, right round the corner.  Well, just a 20 minute walk away. It's a bluebell wood, a quiet little oasis only known to a few.  We went out early on Easter Sunday and were the only people there.
Staying on the path:  Is This Mutton? blogger Gail Hanlon on a walk through a secret bluebell wood
The sweet, delicious scent assails you as soon as you turn the corner into this secret spot. This is one corner of England that never changes. Long may it remain the same for future generations.
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Now it's time for #WowOnWednesday, the place where bloggers can find new readers, and readers can find new blogs to enjoy.
Last week's most clicked was Lucy Bertoldi's "Covid-19: Busy, Busy, Busy: 10 Tip Challenge to Stop Being a Trophy Woman."   It probably hasn't escaped your attention that we're being encouraged to put all our new spare time to good use, learning a language, how to play an instrument, taking up baking, etc etc.  I'm personally a little baffled as to where all this spare time is supposed to be coming from.  I'm still working, and it isn't a holiday -we still have objectives to deliver on. I'm doing a daily walk now, which I didn't always do before. So I'm not happy that I'm being made to feel a failure for not taking up a new hobby.  Lucy's post points out that as women used to busy daily lives, we're simply finding work to do, and we actually don't need to.  "We are enough.  No more unnecessary stress.  No one is handing out trophies. Have Faith.  Stay Safe!" she writes.  Amen to that.
Montreal style blogger Lucy Bertoldi
Another very popular post was from Penny at Frugal Fashion Shopper with her post "Lockdown Outfits."  Penny shows off the stylish looks that accompany her on her daily 15 minute walks. She is a superb wearer of hats. I suspect a lot of us will be looking for hats if this lockdown goes on much longer.
Over 70s style blogger Penny from Frugal Fashion Shopper
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  1. What a beautiful place to go for a walk in. With only one walk a day allowed, it's good to be able to make it a lovely experience. No worries there either about people coming too close.


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