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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Making More of Your Summer Wardrobe

Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon in casual but smart outfit: blue jeans and patterned shirt from The Bias Cut

Dear friends. My summer clothes came down from the attic at the weekend and as usual, I sorted out what will  go to the charity (thrift) shop, what needs to be ironed and/or mended, and what could go straight into the wardrobe.

But before we get into that, let's talk about coronavirus dressing.  As I'm still working, albeit at home, and doing a lot of video calls, I'm still trying to look fairly smart and business serious.  What I'm wearing above is a good example.  Patterned blouse with jeans and white trainers for a normal working day. If I'm going out for the daily walk I'll probably change the top, but otherwise good to go.

I spent a bit of time at the weekend reviewing my summer wardrobe and figuring out what I need, in terms of additional accessories or tops, to add a bit of new season sizzle.  Fortunately midi skirts and white trainers still look like they're with us this summer, so most of my existing clothes are fine. But I'll be looking carefully at shoe and sandal trends, because I believe we may see more of these this summer, and also at jewellery and bags that could give my outfits a new lease of life.

I was thrilled to pull out the polka dot trousers I wore a lot in 2018. I absolutely love them. They have a bit of a shimmy to them and obviously the black and white color way is very versatile. Unfortunately, having put on a bit of weight last year, I didn't wear them. But having lost a few pounds, I'm keen to get them on.

Something old: fluted hem polka dot trousers and how to wear them: either with white trainers or polka dot kitten heels and a contrasting polka dot top from this year

Back in 2018 we weren't wearing trainers anywhere near as often as we did last year, so I will probably wear my white Stan Smiths with them instead of the cute polka dot kitten heels. You'll remember my new purchase of a polka dot top and I like the look of "double dots." Ha, I could even do triple dots if I added my new polka dot jacket, although I think that might be overdoing it a bit!  The cream Coach bag is also a recent purchase because I lacked a pale neutral bag and this will go with anything.

I will also wear the trousers with the bright pinks that I love, and an acid yellow top. Not to mention the red top below which came from Oasis via my one and only Stitchfix box.

Next up is an Oasis skirt I bought in the sale late last summer. I only had chance to wear it once, with a white top. Looking at the pattern, I decided recently to try to get a peach coloured top.  Bingo, I found one at Kettlewell, and it has a square neck, which is a big trend for this summer.  I used to like square necks but I'm not sure I would wear one to work now, as it will showcase my crepey neck and decolletage! Those sandals - I love them - have a clear perspex heel, and have been in service for probably five years.

On a side note, I'm convinced that some of our best colors change over time as our skin tone and hair colors alter. Peach used to be fabulous on me when I had dark brown hair and tended to go brown. Nowadays with my mostly blonde hair and paler skin, it's not so good.  Lilac, however, is still good, as it always was.  Do you find that the colors that used to suit you don't look quite as good now?

Now a couple of spins on a hydrangea patterned dress I wore last year to the Chelsea Flower Show. It's a beautiful dress but I only wore it the once.  I tend to be a bit intimidated by dresses that I think are a bit formal, or the type of thing you might wear to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

But this summer, I may wear the dress more readily with white trainers, or my much-loved gold mules. The pink bag was a snip recently at Amazon. Pink and green always look lovely together, or I might wear it in matchy-matchy all-green way. Which do you prefer?

Hydrangea print dress from Nancy Mac styled with either mules or white trainers and a green cardigan by over-50s blog Is This Mutton?

Summer still feels a fair way off. Although it was sunny this weekend, it wasn't hot enough to bare a lot of flesh  (in my book anyway). But I will start applying fake fan to my legs, and will give myself a pedicure, in case the temperature suddenly shoots up and I'm reaching for a skirt or shorts!

Do you find ways to wear your existing clothes in different ways?  Do tell in the comments.

Now it's time for #WowOnWednesday, the feast of good reading for blog fans everywhere. Last week's most popular post  (most clicks) was my polka-dotted friend Claire from Claire Justine and her post "All Polka Dotty Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go." Claire, I know what you mean.

Another very popular post was by Alison from Midlife and Beyond:  "When Your Hairdresser isn't Going to be Around for a While!" This is going to become a big topic in the next few weeks. My next appointment would have been on April 25, so by then I will be sporting a bit of a badger stripe which will only get worse.  But as hardly anyone sees me now, and I can always wear a hat on video calls (!), I'm not too bothered.

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  1. I think that with clothes the same colours still suit me. With makeup sometimes I'm finding different shades and textures are good now. If the current situation goes on, hair is going to be a problem. I'm personally not worried about colour because I do that myself. I already need a haircut. My fringe suddenly became much to long and I snipped it myself this week. I've made a bad job of it and it's too short!


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