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Sunday 10 May 2020

Exploring Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty Range

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton after using three Flower Beauty products
As you know, I'm very keen to explore make-up intended for young women, often at bargain prices, to see if it works for the more mature woman. Today I'm giving you the lowdown on a range of make-up and skincare from a Hollywood favourite, none of it gifted, so you know you're getting an unbiased report.

Giving Flower Beauty A Whirl

Who doesn't loves Drew Barrymore?  I adore her Instagram account; she always seems so natural and approachable, and, tellingly, whenever people talk about her, they echo that. A year or so ago, Drew launched her own range of beauty products, Flower Beauty, and I saw rave reviews of the Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir. I was frustrated not to be able to buy it, because although Superdrug started selling the range online, the elixir was always out of stock.

Finally I got my hands on it, along with three other products that caught my eye - Blush Bomb,  the Mix N'Matte Lip Duo and the Warrior glitter shadow.

Drew Barrymore was keen to create an affordable range of products that are the best quality and effective. "Affordable" is interesting because if you look at most of the other celebrity ranges that are out there - for example Madonna's MDNA and Victoria Beckham Beauty - they're at the top end of the market.

The Flower Beauty products are probably aimed at young women but that doesn't stop me, or any of us, trying it. That's my philosophy anyway. The outer packaging is definitely a bit cheap looking, and from a branding point of view, inconsistent, but I would imagine the decision was taken to spend less on packaging and focus more on the products.

Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir

The bottle looks pretty but the gold lettering will soon disappear. Unfortunately, this was the most disappointing product for me.  It has antioxidants and pearlescent pigments delivered in a gel to oil formula that can be applied as a primer or a moisturizer. A few drops can be added to a foundation for extra glow.  

I found that if I was sparing with it, the pearlescent particles weren't visible on my skin and it was no better than my usual serum. But when I tried using it more generously, it gave me a very oily sheen which didn't go away.  A  young vlogger on Youtube found the same thing.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb in Melon

I really liked this. I wasn't sure which shade to go for - as you're ordering online, it's difficult to imagine how the shades will look in reality. I chose Melon and was a bit shocked when I first applied it - it looks quite red!  It's a liquid formula and less is better: you just need some tiny drops. I've actually applied too much here.
A highly pigmented liquid formula - Is This Mutton demonstrates applying Flower Beauty Blush Bomb
It gives a lovely natural looking glow and for me the shade is excellent - perhaps my mistake has been using blushers which are too pink.  The coverage is good, it lasted all day. A winner!
Flower Beauty Blush Bomb in Melon: copyright Is This Mutton dot com

Flower Beauty Mix n'Matte Lip Duo

The Mix n'Matte lip duo is an excellent idea:  there's a matte lipstick at one end, and at the other end, the same colour but in a gloss formula.  To make your lips look plumper, apply the matte shade all over and then use the glossy tip in the centre of your lower lip.

I was impressed with how the lipstick glided on, very smooth, and the longevity. But the shade I chose, Tickled Pink, was not great for me. It's a bit too much of a dusky muted pink. 

I'm wearing the lip duo and blush bomb in the picture at the top. 

A Fantastic Glitter Eyeshadow!

The glitter eyeshadow: wow! I chose the green shade, (Camo) because it's quite hard to find green eye shadows.  This is very highly pigmented and would look great applied as a thin line at the lashes, like an eyeliner, if you didn't want it over the entire lid. 

So three out of four is not a bad tally for Flower Beauty. In the UK you can only buy it via Superdrug.

I'll be back on Wednesday with a fashion post. See you then!

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