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Sunday 6 September 2020

Gone Fishing

Woman  in shorts and trainers in corn field

Well not fishing exactly, but on holiday for two weeks and staycationing.  And boy, do I need the break!

I'm sure many people have had a much worse year than me, but I feel exhausted. I haven't had much time off this year, just a few odd days here and there, and work has been even more demanding than usual. All around me, people were furloughed or working part-time, and seemingly having the life of Riley. Sometimes I felt like the only one who was confined to a stuffy home office all day and taking late meetings with the US while rushing down to put things in the oven.

To compound it all, I put myself under huge pressure to get enough exercise and keep the house clean, the garden weeded and everything ironed. Not to mention running a blog, which last week (Holy God!) had three posts.

We haven't had the usual Greek beach holiday this year. We could have gone of course, but knowing there might be self isolation upon return was not very motivating.  I know the vast majority of people don't bother to self isolate, but morally, I couldn't do that.

Here's to a Staycation

We're having a two week staycation.  This week I'm driving down to Plymouth to see Mum, and next week John and I am going to the Lake District together. which we haven't done since 2018. We're staying in two wonderful hotels and hopefully the weather will be kind, although even if it isn't,  I'm equipped for every eventuality with rain coats, gaiters, deluge trousers, wind jackets, hats. And of course with sunglassses and shorts, just in case.

Blogger Gail Hanlon strides out on a walk through autumnal leaves wearing Nike Be True Air Zoom Pegasus trainers

Usually before I go on holiday I have some blog posts lined up and scheduled so that Is This Mutton? ticks over as normal. But this time I've been a bit low on inspo.  Bloggers are either writing about  "transitioning summer outfits for the next season" (I have been putting off getting my autumn/winter clothes down from the loft, convinced summer will return), or buying new stuff for autumn. 

I have some ideas though for a new series when I return,  focusing on different body shapes and how to dress them, as well as a beauty catch-up and a glimpse into my holiday activities. Below:  here we are in the Lake District on a previous visit.  To see a rainbow, you have to have the rain!

Active middle aged couple on walking holiday under a rainbow in the Lake District

#WowOnWednesday will be back on Wednesday 23 September.  Until then, I'll be sharing my staycation adventures on Instagram and hope to see you there!

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