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Wednesday 7 April 2021

Patterned Trousers for Summer - and Link-Up

Acid yellow with brightly coloured patterned trousers from Kettlewell for a summer of fun
 With the easing of lockdown restrictions comes a slight sense of dread for the introverts and shy, myself among them, who have enjoyed a year without any enforced socialising in large groups.

Although I am an introvert, my choice of career  (journalism, PR, marketing) has dictated that I had to  appear extroverted when the occasion demanded it.  I would put my lipstick on, take a deep breath and say "Right - here goes."  

I always loved addressing conferences or big meetings because to me that was a pure performance, playing to the audience, using my voice and gestures like instruments, and seeing positive responses in the audience.

But ask me to "work a room" at a networking event, or go to any work-related team event, and my heart sinks. Nowadays I find excuses not to attend.

Sometimes I might find someone with whom I just spark, and conversation is easy and fun. But usually, conversation runs out after the weather chat, or how we got to the event.

One of the worst things about some luxury spa resorts in the UK is "the sharers' table," which is their way of avoiding the nuisance of seating one person for dinner by making all the guests who are on their own sit together.  I endured this a couple of times and it was always toe-curling. Firstly you're usually in a dressing gown, if it's lunchtime, and secondly, everyone was going for massive one upmanship in terms of their job or car.  Who cares?

Trousers with a botanical print paired with a red top and sandals by style blogger Is This Mutton

The Curse of the Workplace Outing

Work social events are feared and avoided by me. When we're in the office in the normal way,  we're usually expected to attend a team dinner for around 50 people when a visiting senior exec is over.  These are not too bad because everyone expects to be out of the restaurant pretty quickly. No-one wants to linger over drinks because everyone is driving.

But back in 2019  (those halcyon days!) something happened which made me realise what an outsider I am, as the "oldest person in the office."  Someone was leaving and an unofficial leaving do was organised. I had purposely taken the train to work so that I might have a drink. I remember feeling expansive and open, and thinking I'd like to sit next to someone I didn't know very well, because I'm good at 1:1 situations, just not with big crowds where the loud voiced and gregarious have the floor.

It was a HUGE square table that could seat around 15 people along each axis.  I saved a seat next to me, and as people arrived, looked over cheerfully to see who might join me.

Nobody did.

As it was an unofficial do, and people had made arrangements not to drive, it had a different energy. People wanted to sit with their "friends," and although they all (I hope) like me and think I'm OK,  I am the same age as their parents and they wouldn't naturally choose to socialise with people my age.

In the end the table was full;  a latecomer came in - a colleague I talk to a lot - and he literally winced when he saw his friends at the other end of the table, and then had to sit next to me.

I was relieved when the train situation meant I could leave fairly early.

So I'm looking forward to the return of socialising, but not the return of large groups and occasions like weddings, where I feel everyone is avoiding me because, as a non drinker, I'm a huge bore.  Do any of you feel the same? Do share in the comments. 

Patterned Trousers

I was thinking it was out of character for me to wear brightly coloured patterned trousers, like these Rosa botanicals from Kettlewell.  I don't often do pattern. I like to have a pair of "unusual" trousers every summer like this polka dot frilled pair, and these budget striped trousers. The floral trousers are more colourful than I'd normally wear, but I was somehow drawn to them.

I've styled them three different ways to show their versatility. In the top picture, an acid yellow top (Kettlewell) with clashing pink sandals.  There is a little yellow in the trouser pattern. Below, a casual look with a denim jacket, white tee, pansy infinity scarf and trainers. Second pic above:  a red top and blue necklace echo the red and blue in the trousers, with cheerful red and pink sandals for summer. 

A casual look for colourful botanical patterned trousers from Kettlewell with a denim jacket and white trainers

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Now it's time for #WowOnWednesday, the link-up where readers find new blogs to read, and bloggers find new readers. 

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  1. I'm just like you. When I was still working, I gave sales presentations. But don't tell me to go to a Birthday party where I only know the party girl/guy. And I'm not good in small talk.... You are not reflecting the weather here at all, luckely! It's winter here with snow! Those trousers are very nice!

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