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Tuesday 6 April 2021

Sentence a Day, March 2021


Background Update:  For the last 12 months I've been covering the UK Covid situation in my Sentence a Day posts.  In March 2021,  we are still in lockdown - a slight easing of the rules for England came later in the month but means only that six people can meet outdoors:  no pubs or restaurants, or non-essential shops, are open yet.  We are told to work from home if we can, and not to leave our local area. The vaccination program is going extremely well but the UK still heads the chart showing the highest number of deaths per million of population, worldwide.  

Monday March 1

Walked to Tesco to get a few bits, 4.4 miles.  Busy day. Haddock for dinner. Watched last episode Series 1 the Legacy.

Tues March 2

Became sunny. Chained to PC from 7.30am as I had 2 blog posts to finish before work. Made a beef casserole. 

Weds March 3

Did trails walk 4.2. Foggy. Savaged by yapping dog. I'm a bit scared of dogs, mainly because their owners seem to have so little control over them. Busy day. Had nice email from leader of my new team saying they were impressed with my contribution and energy. 

Thurs March 4

Started work at 7.30am as my monthly report is overdue and I suddenly woke up in the night worrying and couldn't get back to sleep.

Friday March 5 

Walk 4.5 miles. Cloudy. Bumped into hubster on the way back, who was out running. Started watching series 2 The Legacy

Sat March 6

J and I went for walk in the forest, 5.4 miles. Water "jump" has remedial construction work going on and the path is closed.  Saw Katie, Christopher and grandchild Rosie, also out for a walk, near home. Cold. My hands freezing.  Sorted out winter clothes. Changed beds and vacuumed. 

Sun March 7

Did workout. Sunny but v cold. Wrote 2 blog posts. Roast chicken.

Mon March 8

Trails walk. Couple of lockdown changes today.  Kids are back to school. People can now exercise outdoors with one person outside of their household. Care home residents allowed 1 regular visitor.  Difficult to get motivated which is tough as I have 2 four day weeks and have to deliver 2 annual campaign plans.

Tues March 9

Long day. And that's all I wrote.

Weds March 10

Walked to Tesco. Missed the rain. Awful weather. Finished at 7pm. 

Thurs March 11

Sun came out but v cold. Workout. Shopping delivery. Managed to sort out an issue with my phone not receiving email and was pleased because nowadays it's hard to get tech support except from a call centre, which makes you give up the will to live. Not happy to have meetings until 7pm. We normally have dinner at 6 or 6.30 so it makes it difficult for me to do the prep.

Friday March 12

Day off. Should have been going to Plymouth for Mothers day.  Feeling tired and irritable. Angry at how women are treated (Sarah Everard case) and feeling exhausted because work never seems to get any easier. Watched last episode Series 2 The Legacy

Sat March 13

Walked to the huge Sainsburys, just over 5 miles. V windy on way. Watched SAS Red Notice film. Mediocre.

Sun March 14

Mothers day.  Apart from Mum for 2nd year running.  Bright start. Did 2 outfit blog shoot. Gammon

Monday March 15

Cloudy, not cold. Did walk 4.2 miles trails.  Busy day, still haven't got round to writing plans. This will now trouble me.  I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator.

Tues March 16

Started early after unusually good sleep.  Have a three hour meeting with machine learning marketing team on Zoom.  Received a surprise delivery for the meeting - a cream tea.  I rarely eat anything like this so only had one macaron. Finished at 6pm. 

Weds March 17

Walked to Tesco. Dodged a virtual team building exercise. Can't bear them. 

Thurs March 18

Did workout.  Had nearly the whole day for plan writing but didn't go well. Hope it doesn't keep me up at night.  J watched Spurs so I tried Unforgotten and liked it. Mum had 2nd vaccine and my brother his first. 

Fri March 19

Day off. Did trails walk 4.4, ended up doing 7 miles by end of day. Did a bit of gardening, was sunny but cold. I see this tree, Grimston's Oak, said to be over 300 years old, on most of my forest walks.

Sat March 20

Cloudy. Did a shoot, 3 outfits. Vacuumed, changed beds, cleaned dishwasher and washing machine. 

Sun March 21

Mostly cloudy. On the way to the forest, which is a 5 minute walk, there's a garden with two toy sheep who are sometimes posed in amusing ways by their owners. Here's one of them wearing a mask.

Fun model sheep wearing mask, East London

Trails walk 4.4 miles. Roast chicken. Moved Skiathos (Greece)  holiday to next year. The foreign travel situation is very uncertain and we want to make sure we book a UK holiday if nothing else. 

Mon March 22

Early start 7.30 wanted to sort online shopping order and a blog post before work. Managed to do short walk 2.2 miles in the afternoon to get chance to enjoy the sunshine.  Even on an urban walk the blossom and daffodils are stunning.  Watched episode 1 new series Line of Duty. 

Daffodils and a cherry tree in blossom on the verge of a main road in East London: Is This Mutton

Tue March 23

Walked to Tesco 4.4 miles for a few bits. Sunny again. Long day. Exhausted by plan writing. Foreign holidays prob off until end June at earliest

Weds March 24

No walk, intended to do workout but got caught up in work right away. Busy day and tired by the end so declined a 5.30 meeting.

Thurs March 25

Trail walk 4.2. Nice day. Forest less muddy. Presented plans and it went OK.  Big weight off mind.

Fri March 26

Overcast and rained. Day off. Wrote Fri Favourites and went to post office.  Did a try on of new trousers with 4 different styles for FB Kettlewell group. Attended the Kettlewell Live which is every Friday at 1pm.

Sat March 27

Sunny but windy. Walked by the canal for 1st time in ages (top pic).  Saw the horses. J took a photo of a sparrowhawk in the garden. Went to garden centre and then M&S. Felt weird to drive. Watched last episodes The Legacy. So enjoyed this series. 

Sun March 28

Cloudy and cold. Clocks went forward.  Did a blog shoot, androgynous - "borrowing from the boys" - for our challenge.  See it here. Chicken. Guilty I didn't do a workout or walk. 

Mon March 29

Did trails walk, the water jump has gone.  Here's the before the after - the before is from December. Lifting of first lockdown restrictions in England. Up to six people from 2 households can now meet outdoors. Group outdoor sports can resume and outdoor swimming pools are reopening. 

Tues March 30

A very hot day as predicted, 22 degrees.  Couldn't resist putting in 3 plants. Did walk 4.2 miles trails. Watched last episode Unforgotten. Lovely to hang washing out and have it dry quickly.

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon out for a walk in Epping Forest

Weds March 31

Last day at work for a few days thanks to the Easter break.  Workout. Disappointingly cloudy. Fairly busy. Finished 6pm.  

Not a very scintillating month, even by Covid standards. April will have more interest - not least because I have an eye test and buy new glasses, and we meet up, in a garden, on a freezing cold Easter Monday, with Rosie the grandchild.

I'm back tomorrow with a fashion post and #WowOnWednesday. See you then.

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  1. Yay for getting all those walking miles in! I got a new Fitbit so I've been trying to walk more too! Plus the weather has been too nice to not get outside!


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