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Friday 7 January 2022

Have You Tried Make-Up Sticks Yet?


Dear friends. You may have noticed ads appearing on Facebook and IG for make-up sticks, aimed at older women, which are designed to simplify cosmetics and give a natural, fresh look without trying to make us look younger.

I wrote about one of the brands, Forever Yours,  a few weeks ago.  Now I am trying another range from a UK company called Violet Jordan.

In the picture at the top you can see my finished look after using the three stick Glow and Go Set. I applied the colourless Dew stick to dryer areas, followed by my usual foundation, and then applied the other two sticks as I would with blusher and highlighter.

The brand's aim is that the three sticks on their own replace the usual panoply of make-up that women find confusing. You don't have to apply foundation but I wouldn't be seen without it, as I like to conceal dark circles under the eyes and pigmentation spots. 

The sticks come in one permutation which is designed to suit all skin tones. You can replace them individually if one of them runs out. The sticks should last around six to nine months. Cost for the set is £45 but there's currently an offer on the website. 

The sticks are:

Berry: A soft shade of red, this colour is sheer and buildable so it lets your own skin tone show through. Apply sparingly with your fingertips if you want a lighter result, or layer up heavily using the stick applicator for a brighter, bolder result. I used this as a blusher. 

Pearl: A shimmery taupe. A neutral pink. Adds just the right amount of sparkle without being glittery.

Dew: A barely there colour, with a hint of pearlescence to illuminate your natural features and add moisture where you need it most - eyes, brow bone, cheeks.

Here I am with Berry. It looks quite dark in the stick, but adapts to your skin tone.  I apply blusher high on the cheekbone, going up into the temples. 

I'm using the final stick, Pearl,  as a highlighter.  I usually apply a highlighter down the centre of my nose, above the cupid's bow, in the fleshy part of the chin, and at the top of the cheekbones, above blusher. 

I was pleased with the soft, subtle and glowy effect.  Having just three sticks would be easier to take on holiday and for business travel. 

I like the fact the brand aims the products squarely at women over 50, a demographic largely shunned by the main beauty brands.  I love that the products are made in the UK.  As Violet Jordan explain: "We can keep tight control over exactly what goes into our products. The majority of makeup sold in the UK comes from Italy or China. Brands do this to save costs. We never will."

The products are cruelty free and the only fragrance used is Vanilla Oil which is a skin soothing antioxidant. It's a very subtle scent. The sticks are packed with all the best nourishing vitamins and minerals including jojoba, borage, vitamin E and apricot oil.

You'll also find some other products on the website: The Deep Clean, a deeply nourishing cream cleanser to revive tired skin, and The Multi-Tasker, a day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum in one.

Does the simplicity of a three-stick set appeal to you? Have you tried this type of make-up? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sound and look good Gail, a bit like the Forever You samples I got, impressed with the cream xx

  2. Sounds and looks impressive Gail, similar to my Forever You creams, love them x

  3. Doubting Thomas here, does it stay on Gail? Worth the ££? Looks lovely & beautiful on you but I’m worried it will just slide straight off my hot face 😆

  4. Doubting Thomas here, does it stay on Gail? Worth the ££? Looks lovely & beautiful on you but I’m worried it will just slide straight off my hot face 😆

    1. It stays on well but I'm usually cold and don't sweat very much, so I might not be the best barometer. Anyone else?


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