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Thursday 10 February 2022

10 on the 10th

Hello dear friends. Today I'm joining Leslie from OnceUponaTimeHappilyEverAfter and Marsha from MarshaIntheMiddle for the monthly QA fest, 10 on the 10th. With Valentine's Day a few days away, the questions this month are naturally to do with Love.

What was something you absolutely loved about 2021?

Christmas. It didn't happen in 2020.  London and other regions were put into lockdown on Dec 19. Easter didn't happen either. So it was great to finally have family get togethers. It took some determination because the Omicron variant was rife. We didn't go out much in the run-up to Christmas, to ensure we were virus free. Here we are on Boxing Day. Our two year old granddaughter was also there. 

Do you have an interesting love story you’d like to share?  Please do!

Mr Mutton and I met on a singles holiday in Greece! He was one of five men among about 25 women. We didn't really hit it off on holiday, but a few months later met again at a Valentine's Day ball near Heathrow airport (the glamour!). And the rest is history.....Here we are on our first holiday in 2004. I appear to be wearing a mullet. 

What food do you love and must have on a regular basis?

Cheese. Fortunately, being on a low-carb diet all the time, I can have cheese for lunch and do, nearly every day.  I love all types except anything involving a goat. 

What fashion “trend” do you love?  It doesn’t even have to be a current trend.

I adore Peter Pan collars.  I'm forever looking for tops or dresses with a collar on eBay. I've seen a few around for spring, which looks promising.

Which season do you love most?  Why is it your favorite?

It's hard to choose between spring and summer but I'll go for spring. I love it because it's such a relief after winter, and so joyful with the bright colours of bulbs and other flowers, and the lambs, and Easter. 

If you could be with a loved one who has passed, who would it be and what would you do?

My dad.  He was very enigmatic and didn't talk about himself much.  I would love to go to Southampton, UK, with him, where he grew up, and hear his memories.  We never even met any of his family, except his mother and sister, but I have them all in my family tree including DNA matches.

I would like him to meet J.  We didn't start dating until 2004, and dad died in 2003. I think they would have liked each other. 

Here he is with me and my brother, many years ago.  That hideous trouser suit was what I wore to see David Bowie in July 1983! The red shoes are a nod to one of his hits at the time, "Let's Dance." 

What would you love to accomplish in 2022?

I have a few plans for the blog: I would like to grow the linky, and I am trying to post more often. I would like to get promoted at work.  It's easy to be overlooked when you're older, people assume you're no longer ambitious, but I am. 

Which do you love most:  shoes, handbags, belts, or coats?

I would say boots, not shoes. I do love shoes too, but the shoe seems to have gone out of vogue somewhat. I love my boot and brogue collections. Colourful shoes is a way to add some personality to outfits. Here are three pairs of shoes I used to wear, from Poetic Licence. I avoid heels nowadays.

How do you show your love?  What is your love language?

I'm not very demonstrative, and nor is the family, we show love in the things we do for each other. But I do lavish affection on the old cat! 


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  1. Interesting read Gail, love how you met your hubby xx Jacqui x

  2. Lovely read Gail, love how you met your hubby xx Jacqui


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