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Friday 4 February 2022

Sentence a Day: January 2022

 Woman using laptop PC. Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

A quiet month, hunkering down to get through January.  On the Plus side, I'm making good use of my gym membership and managing to combine a few walks with Yoga and Body Balance. The most exciting thing this month was being a guest on a podcast. 

Sat Jan 1

Happy New Year! Bright warm day.  Had bath and did indoor workout. Had foolishly bought a chicken for Sunday lunch, forgetting we're going out tomorrow, so had it today. Spoke to Mum (we text numerous times a day). 

Sun Jan 2

Did walk, 4.5 miles, John ran part of it. Posted Dec review.  Lunch with J's daughter and her husband at local Larkshall pub, which has recently been reopened after being saved by local people.  Watched part 1 of drama about Great Train Robbery

Mon Jan 3

Bank hol. Did walk, Yates meadow. Watched 1st episode The Tourist. Day 1 of my skirt challenge on Instagram.

Tues Jan 4

Forest walk, 4.4 miles. Colder. Back to work (at home).  Not too hectic but seems such a long time ago that I stopped for Christmas!  National Grid came to sort out car charging meter. The power was off for a while but fortunately over lunch time.

Weds Jan 5

Did yoga. It was very slow with holding of postures.  Not terribly keen on that sort of yoga so probably won't do that class again.

Thurs Jan 6

Did walk. Bitterly cold but sun came out so had good pics of frost. Saw the cows.

Fri Jan 7

Quiet day. Still cold. Did Pilates. 1921 census released but gutted that Ancestry, where my  family tree resides, don't have it because of an exclusive deal with another site. 

Sat Jan 8

Raining.  Went to M&S then Body Balance at the running club. There were 3 of us, two men, doing a new routine for the first time.   Watched Bond film at last. 

Sun Jan 9

Cold but blue sky. Did a shoot of 3 outfits including a version of very Peri. Roast chicken.  Neighbours up in arms about another party. Police called. I slept through it. Started The Silent Sea (reviewed it here). 

Mon Jan 10

Cold, misty. Did forest walk. Saw the cows on the Plain. Invited to appear on Lara Lauder's podcast. How thrilling. The TV came on by itself after midnight.  Had to get up to turn it off. Not the 1st time!

Tues Jan 11

Didn't sleep too well. Walked to Tesco to get celeriac and Greek yoghurt.  Got bus back. Finished tomorrow's skirt post. J fixed Spotify on my home PC. Made chilli. 

Weds Jan 12

Did a home workout. Big Boris furore about another party.

Thurs Jan 13

Walked to gym, only took 20 mins. Did yoga. Love this class.  Sunny. Feeling positive about July holiday so ordered a bikini. I used to always buy swimwear in January to cheer up this drab month.

Friday Jan 14

Finished The Silent Sea.  V gd. Did Body Balance, now doing it at the gym which I rejoined. 

Sat 15th

Very misty and gloomy. Fox posed for pics on our wall. Did walk, partly with J.

Sun 16 Jan 

Did a blog shoot, although having bad hair day. Went to Epping for chicken and nuts. Bob Harris replacing Johnnie Walker for 2 weeks on Sounds of the 70s, which I always listen to on Sundays.  Finished creating the annual survey for my blog.

Mon 17 Jan 

Did workout.  Podcast recording at 2. Went well, really enjoyed doing it.  Bikini came, pants are very weirdly shaped so sent it back. 

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton joins Lara Lauder as a guest on her podcast Unlock Your Hidden Confidence

Tues 18 Jan 

Walk. Beautiful sunrise. Cold.

Weds 19 Jan 

Walked to Tesco. 1st day of big planning meeting at work, now done by Zoom.  Falafels and Greek salad. 

Thurs 20 Jan 

Did yoga. 2nd day of planning meeting. Quiche and salad

Fri 21 Jan 

Body Balance at the gym,  walked there and back.  Busy afternoon work wise. Duck breast. 

Sat 22 Jan 

Grey, cold. Did walk, part of it with J, along route of today's race. 5 miles.  Took delivery of new hanging files to sort out the very untidy and overcrowded filing cabinet in my home office. Chilli.

Sun 23 Jan 

Rest day (no exercise).  Bath and face mask. Did some blog photos. Roast beef. 

Mon 24 Jan 

Walk. 4 degrees,  cloudy. Saw cattle. Lots location units again. I understand they're filming a drama for Apple TV called Emerald. Salmon fillets. 

Tues 25 Jan 

Brit Gas came to sort an ongoing issue with the boiler.  J managed to get Sky TV monthly bill reduced by more than £40. Dropped my dinner on floor - one of my favourites too. 

Weds 26 Jan 

Podcast is live! It's called Unlock Your Hidden Confidence. Find it on your usual podcast platforn, or listen here in your browser.

Gail Hanlon guesting on podcast Unlock Your Hidden Confidence

Blue sky afternoon.  Walk, saw 8 cows - usually it's six - two have been moved from Wanstead apparently. I wonder if the two newcomers were made to feel welcome.

Thurs 27 Jan 

Yoga. Had nice comments about the podcast from a former colleague.We're getting rid of Spotify in protest at the Seth Rogan podcast which spends too much time on anti-vaxxers. Used an app to copy my playlists from Spotify to Amazon Music.

Fri 28 Jan 

Walked to Body Balance.  Published Fri favourites. Turned sunny tho cold. J's brother E came round to advise on a patch of damp on the outside of the house.  

Sat 29 Jan 

Tired but did walk and glad I did it, Yates Meadow, saw the horse and pony and lots of mud.  Blue sky and 12 degrees. Changed beds. Relaxed in the afternoon, listened to music and read paper online.

Sunday 30 January

My exercise rest day. Did a couple of outfits blog shoot. Roast lamb for lunch. Spoke to Mum. 

Monday January 31

Had the day off to have my hair done. Jodie cut it into more of a bob shape. My mum was also having her hair done, 250 miles away! 

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  1. You’ve been busy. Sorry I didn’t make the link up Gail xx Jacqui x

    1. No problem- you were busy skiing! Blogging can take a rest on holiday x


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