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Friday 18 August 2023

Four for Friday

 And Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot

Ease into the weekend with Four for Friday at Is This Mutton

Dear friends. Hope you have something good lined up for the weekend. I'm off to a picnic in Hyde Park, organised many months ago. It looks as if the weather will be OK, although today we're expecting thunderstorms and rain.

On Sunday we'll be joining the nation in watching the Lionesses in their first World Cup final. I can't even imagine the joy if they were to win. It's wonderful that young women have so many female role models. 

Before we launch into the Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot, here are four things for Friday: a book, a research nugget, a TV show and a silly new trend. 


I've just finished Water by John Boyne and it's definitely one for your wish list  (it's published on 2 November). This novella by Irish writer Boyne tells the story of a woman caught in the centre of a scandal who has escaped to an Irish island, changing her name and cutting off her hair. It's a very redemptive story that pulls you into its hypnotic surroundings. 


If you enjoyed the series about Welcome to Wrexham, the documentary series about how Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney transformed a football club in the lowest divisions, you'll also enjoy Mission to Burnley (Sky, Now), a four part series that looks at the dramatic rebirth of one of England's most historic clubs. 


People who fit an entire week’s recommended exercise into a couple of days have a similarly low risk of heart disease and stroke as those who spread out their physical activity, researchers say.  The researchers analysed medical records for nearly 90,000 people enrolled in the UK Biobank project. 

So if that's you - and I'm sure it applies to many who work throughout the week and don't have much time for exercise - enjoy your intense weekend activity in the knowledge that it's doing you just as much good as sessions spaced out over the week. 


So the latest daft trend among Tik Tokkers and other "influencers" is prancing naked among the sunflowers.  A sunflower farm in Hampshire has urged visitors to keep their clothes on after families came across people stripping for photographs among the blooms.


Last Week's Favourites

Most clicked last week was our very own Marsha from Marsha in the Middle, with Is Comfortable a Good Thing?  To save her blushes she's featuring the #2 most clicked on her site.

The three of us also choose our own favourite each week. 

The post that caught my attention was If I Could Travel in Time from Sally at Within a World of My Own. She has chosen to go back to the age of giant mammals (not dinosaurs!). 

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