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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Outfits and Food Fun

  & #WowOnWednesday

Colourful outfits and questions about food - what could be better, asks style blog Is This Mutton

Dear friends. A few outfits I've been wearing, along with some random food faves and dislikes. I'm sure some of them will chime with you! 

Purple and green is a great winter combination for impact, says Is This Mutton, the style and books blog for the over-50s.

Purple and green was the combination I wore to a recent Kettlewell Colours meet up. This is a combination that works particularly well.  It always makes me happy when all the elements of an outfit combine nicely, from the handbag and boots to the coat and gloves.  The boots were a Christmas present from the hubster, from Amazon. The Studio Preen coat was a gift, pre-loved from Penny at Frugal Fashion Shopper. 

I love writing lists and keep copious notes on my phone. It crossed my mind that lists relating to food might be fun. 

5 foods that London blogger Is This Mutton finds repellent

I'm still playing with Peach Fuzz, or variations thereof.  This is Kettlewell's Peach Cocktail (pima V) with a lime short tie wrap. 

Peach Fuzz, or thereabouts:  Is This Mutton in Peach Cocktail pima V and lime green short tie wrape

When I'm in a restaurant I'm not terribly adventurous.  I'd love to try more unusual cuisines like Ethiopian or Lebanese but the hubster won't do anywhere other than "British," French, Indian or Italian.  Let's see if I can persuade friends to do some adventurous eating.

Is This Mutton's favourite choices on the restaurant menu

Breakfast is a highlight for me and I nearly always have poached eggs on top of sourdough toast spread with Marmite.  On holiday, if we're walking a lot I may go for a full English, or porridge.  On a lazy beach holiday I'll have Greek yoghurt and fruit.  Eggs Benedict is saved for when I'm in a top notch hotel, as a treat. But it has to be spinach-free.

Anyone for breakfast? Is This Mutton's favourite breakfast choices

You may be surprised to see the foods I never eat.  I look on them as nutritionally empty, but to be honest, they were never my favourites so it's no loss not eating them.  Pizza is a challenge because I have found myself in a Pizza Express with others, but I go for their Caesar salad instead.  If you hate rocket as much as me, a Caesar is the only salad guaranteed to avoid the ghastly stuff. 

I have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth so I adore cheese.  The Laughing Cow is not really a favourite, but it made me laugh when Nigella Lawson said it was one of hers. She then shared a recipe with Waitrose for bread and butter pudding made with The Laughing Cow.  I'm a big fan of bread and butter pudding and willing to give it a try. 

Now that we've done the food, how about a drink?  I don't drink much alcohol:  in January I literally had just two glasses of something, but when we go to a nice restaurant I like to have Champagne and a cocktail. 

A glass of champagne or a cocktail? Choices for London style blogger Is This Mutton

I'm sure I could go on forever....but will call it a halt here! 

Is This Mutton with husband having dinner on a cycling holiday in Northumbria

I'm all agog now to hear some of your favourites.  Surprise me with your choices of eclectic cuisine.  Where are you on the banish rocket argument? Favourite cocktail?  Do tell in the comments.  Scroll down to below the link-up to find the comments box.

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  1. I love cheese as well. Cheddar and Swiss are probably my favourite. This was such a fun read and I really love your first outfit. The colour is bold and chic. I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. Beautiful outfit! It looks so fabulous on you!
    I almost never drink when we go out for dinner. I do like moctails. I love all kinds of food, but rocket...... neh. My favourite food is Asian, I could eat that every day.


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