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Wednesday 10 January 2024

Reclaiming the Frump Factor

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Is This Mutton in cropped trousers which are deemed frumpy by many experts online, Tosh, she says

Dear friends. What's this, you're thinking, has she lost her marbles? Is it now trendy to look frumpy? (An oxymoron if ever there was one).

I'd just like to say that when we're at home, seeing no-one and doing nothing very much, frumpy is comfy! And frumpy is ageless, because young women will also be wearing the same "lounge wear" as us, in all honesty.

I do get very fed up with all the pressure around older women looking frumpy.  Primarily it's used as clickbait by web sites which host the type of content that screams at you to take a look:  "50 ways you look frumpy at 40,"  "This photo of a 70s child star will shock you" etc. What you may not know is that big brands often choose to advertise there, because they know this ugly content drives a lot of clicks.

But what really annoys me is young women, or women of our own age telling us to sharpen up our act. I'd never dream of telling a young girl what to wear.

It's None of Your Business if I Like to Look Frumpy Occasionally - Is This Mutton


I'm told that by numerous websites and YouTube videos that cropped trousers, long cardigans and anything pleated are FRUMPY on older women. Not to mention white trainers, elastic waist jeans, and embellished t-shirts.

When I'm at home, maybe nipping out to the shops as an outing, I happily wear a long cardigan and ripped jeans. Part of being older means you have more confidence to do your own thing and not follow the herd. This is me today.  10 year old jeans  (ripped at the back, through wear) and, shock horror, slippers! (I'll take them off to visit Tesco). 

I know full well that I could elevate the look by wearing the latest cut of jeans:  barrel cut, if you're interested, which make anyone less than 5'10 and very slim look ridiculous. Or I could add the latest trainers (yawn) or some on-trend jewellery. But why bother?! 

When I'm dressed up to go out for a trip or an evening, then it's a different story.  I DO make the effort. I still wear a few things that could be described as frumpy however - cropped trousers among them. But I firmly believe nothing is off limits. There are ways to add quirkiness to remove the frumpiness. Crocs would add frumpiness, sliders or (trendy for this summer) low heeled sling backs add a bit of Audrey Hepburn to the mix. She was never accused of being frumpy. 

Mind you, frumpiness can strike when you least expect it.

I'd been stalking a Hobbs shift dress online for months, waiting for the price to fall. Finally it was in my hands. But it doesn't give me the cute gamine vibes I hoped for.  Plus the purple is too dark (more of a winter purple). Even my quirky brogues couldn't rescue this one. Dress was sent back! 

Where are you on the frumpy debate? Do you have some secret frumping going on? Do tell in the comments. 

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Is This Mutton in cropped trousers which are deemed frumpy by many experts online, Tosh, she says

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  1. Well, coincidentally I am worrying s post about looking frumpy. Because I often like,, frumpy,, items. Like cropped trousers indeed. Do I care, not at all. Its who we are, talk, think etc. that makes us a certain style, not the clothes we wear.

  2. I think if someone is deliberately telling you how you should dress especially with age and so on is just a ridiculous person. You should wear what you love and express yourself and style is ageless to me. I absolutely love this post and you always look so incredibly beautiful in everything you wear. I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  3. you looks stunning in your outfit the pink and the green pants hmmmm xoxo


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