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Wednesday 6 March 2024

Try On: 4 Denim Skirts

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Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton tries on four different length and style of denim skirt

Dear friends. Denim skirts are very on-trend at the moment. You may have noticed a particular style is very popular: maxi with a long slit up the front. But if you're petite, that may not be your best look.  I've tried on 4 different skirts to show you how they vary.

I struggle to find a denim skirt that suits me. I am fairly straight without much of a waist, and also short waisted, so a long, straight. rigid style of denim does me no favours.

Denim skirts look good on hourglass figures because the curves force some shape into the denim. Having said that, none of the 4 skirts here is a stiff denim. My last denim skirt, shown here, was very long and rigid:  it rode up, and felt uncomfortable, so I got rid of it.  And here's another one that got moved along!

I'm 5'4 and these skirts are all a UK 10  (US 6), or a small in one case. 

I wore the same outfit throughout, changing the boots for the shortest skirt as I don't like a gap between a long boot and the hem of a skirt. I've got a cold - you may notice the red nose! The long boots look black but are dark blue, old, from Boden. The rib shirt is from Kettlewell and the silk scarf from Shelley Faye Lazar.

Which Skirt is Best?

Skirt 1 is from Asos Design at Asos, a pleated knee length skirt in midwash blue, £36.  It has a belt at the front. I liked the length but the pleats put me off because it will look like a dish rag if it isn't ironing  after washing.  I liked the style though: it was cute and flippy.  No pockets. It was true to size. 

Skirt 2 is a River Island patchwork denim maxi skirt in blue, £42. This was the longest, practically maxi length on me. It has a back split. I quite like patchwork but I wasn't very keen on the black patchwork  pockets.  They made the skirt look cheaper, in my view.  This skirt was loose around the waist which is why I added a belt. 

Skirt 3 is also long. It's a Pure Cotton Denim Midi A-Line Skirt from Monsoon via M&S, size Small.   It has pockets with buttons and interesting seam detail, but I thought the pockets inevitably flared out over my hips, making them look bigger.  It's more expensive at £59 but there was quite a lot of info on the label about the denim being eco friendly, which wasn't the case with the others. I also liked the deeper blue shade. 

Skirt 4 was the shortest and described as a knee length straight skirt by White Stuff via M&S at £55.  It has the more traditional styling with a front zip and side pockets. It was just below knee length on me and is a mid wash blue. 

I'm torn between the short White Stuff skirt (4) and the long Monsoon skirt (3).  The Monsoon skirt has a good shape and I like the details. But I'm not sure how often I would wear such a long skirt.  It inevitably looks more "dressy" to me, which is the kiss of death. The White Stuff skirt is more casual looking and an easier length for daytime.  What do you think?!  Help me out. 

Do you like wearing denim skirts?  Which style looks good on you? Which one do you think I should keep? Do tell in the comments. Scroll down below the linkup for the comments box. 

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  1. I love the denim skirts. It’s such a classic and there’s many shades of denim plus length to consider when wearing them. I think you dress yours so well and I love the pops of colour. And actually you could dress up a denim skirt if you like I bet that be a twist on a dressy outfit. I hope you’re having a great week in spring.

  2. I immediately liked the 3th skirt best on you. But also the 4th is a good one. I re loved my denim skirts! Yeah, no need to buy a new one, lol

  3. Denim skirts look better at shorter lengths nice to see your dotty hosiery too and boots

  4. I like 3 and 4 on you and I really like being able to see your cute boots. Number 3 in the dark denim with the fun patchwork pockets also adds fun interest as well. Could you wear it in warmer months with sandals and maybe a sneaker? It’s really cute!

  5. You have a good selection of denim skirt s Gail. I’ve got one which I rather like although quite long and fitted. Jacqui x

  6. Like #4 the most, best proportions on you. #3 would be next since it really is so different from #4. Love the short boots also. I still have a few denim skirts so I will pull them out to see if they still work. May need a nip and tuck here there! Blazers are making a big come back here in the states as well. Will look good with denim skirts too! Love your blog and love your comments on books, movies, tv series and jaunts around town. Thanks for all you do. Claire

  7. Gail, I really like skirt 3 and 4. I think 3 is my favourite, which can be dressed up or down for casual and smarter occasions.


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