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Saturday 30 March 2024

March: Rain Doesn’t Stop Play


Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon on a walk in Epping Forest

Dear friends. March is supposed to arrive like a lion and depart like a lamb. Unfortunately it has remained lionine. But I didn't let rain ruin the month. Highlights include a trip to Plymouth,  John Singer Sargent art exhibition,  a ballet and a retro 70s pop concert.

Fri March 1

J was trail laying, marking a runners' route with sawdust for an Orion Harriers race tomorrow.  I did an early walk in the forest in rain.  Rachel and baby Olive came round. Fish n chips for dinner. 

Sat March 2

Rainy. Went to the west end to the Royal Opera House to see the Royal Ballet in a matinee performance of Manon. I last saw it in the 80s. Beautiful choreography by Kenneth Macmillan.  Home in time to start series 2 of Secret City and series 2 of Hidden Assets (iPlayer). 

Sun Mar 3

Bartered a bike ride for a forest walk. Cold. Used leg weights for 1st time. Gammon (roast ham).  J changed the tyres on my bike. He's booked for us to do the London to Southend bike ride in July.

Have got a cold. Felt very tired and achy. Went to bed early.

Mon Mar 4

Sunny day but decided to stay in, to try to get over cold before going to Plymouth on Thursday. Did some cleaning. Had 4 denim skirts delivered and did shoot. Approached by Simba for a collaboration.

Tues Mar 5

Decided to postpone trip as I'm worried about giving my cold to mum. Told her today and rebooked trip. Posted Mother's day card. Decided to rest, no walk, as last time I had a cold I did too much and it took weeks to recover.

Weds Mar 6

Did walk with J although not feeling great. Chest v tight. Mum thinks I'm hiding something and "on treatment ". I  think she's been reading too much about the royal family. 

Thurs Mar 7

Still feeling bad. Tried to do Covid test but didn't work, kits out of date. Took pics of Simba duvet. Good Sleep Special 

Friday Mar 8

Hurrah. Feeling better. Did a walk, saw the cows. Had to traverse a lot of mud. International Women's Day. Unfortunately the Pay Gap App on X wasn't tweeting. Normally it shames companies who crow about their inclusivity achievements by publishing the data on their gender pay gap.  Went to bed early. Still achy.

Saturday Mar 9

Sunny! Changed bed. Walked to yoga. Did a little weeding. Started The Gentlemen (Netflix). Sore misgivings as I don't normally like anything by Guy Ritchie. Episode 1 was OK but I didn't like the rest. 

Sunday Mar 10

V gloomy and rainy. Did a workout. Had roast beef. Started a German space thriller but it was a No from both of us. 

Monday Mar 11

Raining so no bike ride. Did walk, 5 miles.

Tues Mar 12

We did a bike ride, Lee Valley, had coffee inside. New tyres make the bike faster. Cloudy but not raining. Here I am looking around 104. 

Thurs Mar 14

Off to Plymouth. Train delayed by more than 30 mins which means I'm eligible for £35 compensation.  Can you guess the London station from the pic below?

Woman photographing Paddington Station with bear in foreground

Friday Mar 15

My brother R came over. I have had a vhs video of New Year's Eve 1990 converted to digital, and we watched it with Mum. Lunch was corned beef chips and beans. Did a walk pm, went past my old school, it was kicking out time. The older girls wear black leggings and all have long hair. 

Sorted out Netflix for mum. She used to piggyback on our account but Netflix put a stop to that, so I've now set her up as a guest. 

Saturday March 16

Rainy. Spoke to Uncle Brian who has an eye procedure next week. Went into Plymouth, Mum wasn't up for it. Bought cream/gold trainers in Schuh. 

Sunday March 17

Drizzly. Did a walk, fairly short, got sparkling water for mum and went in cemetery. Had lamb for lunch which had comedic moments. Mum claims she hasn't cooked a roast for 4 years so I had to supervise the timings. 

St Marys Church, Plympton, Devon in March

Mon March 18

R took me to station. instead of a train I got on a coach.  Rail replacement was in operation to Tiverton. Bit dryer today. Been given compensation for Thursday's delay. J met me at station. Ordered shopping delivery for tomorrow. Started watching Gray (Netflix). Good to see a kick ass 60+ woman at the centre of a thriller. 

Tues March 19

Cloudy but mild. Did bike ride to Olympic Park. Coffee at Engine House, Walthamstow. Nasty head wind on way out. Approved for 2 amazing books by Elizabeth Strout and Marian Keyes. 

Weds March 20

Cloudy, warmed up. Wore coat into town but it was too hot. Saw Edwardian artist John Singer Sargent's Fashion exhibition at Tate Britain.  Enjoyed it, seeing women who looked full of character, and some of the gowns they wore.

Artwork from John Singer Sargent at Tate Britain

Blog has had a big influx readers. Turned out Look Fabulous Forever had used my photo in an ad. I knew about it, but not when. 

Thurs March 21

1st official day of spring and actually sunny and milder. In the morning. We did 25 miles to Lee Valley. I took an anti histamine and it made big difference. Nose and eyes not running so badly. Bias Cut featured me in video. Started Gunpowder (Netflix). It's a No from J. 

Fri Mar 22

Cloudy, chilly. Did early walk. J was trail laying for the Orion 15. Feeling a bit tired and irritable. My turn to get fish n chips, none for me as had too much cheese and a few cheeky crisps at lunchtime.  Watched 3 Body Problem and Gray.

Sat Mar 23

Bright but cold. We went to fly drone at the iconic Orion 15 race, 15 miles of muddy trails around Epping Forest. Watch J's short #Orion15 video. In the pic captured by the drone, I'm on the left and J is to the right. 

The iconic #Orion15 race in Epping Forest. Aerial view by John Hanlon

Did shoot for Ode to Iris. Congratulations from Google for increasing traffic through search. Watched Poor Things, 9 out of 10. Very amusing and good for my #WOTY Laughter. 

Sun Mar 24

Mixed weather. Had a rest day. Got a bus to S Woodford M&S, had to get an Uber back as a road was closed. Had roast chicken. Spoke Mum.

Mon Mar 25

Cold and cloudy. Did bike ride to Olympic Park and back via wetlands cafe.

Exciting evening ahead. First dinner at Coda at the Royal Albert Hall,  followed by 10cc.  J was lukewarm about the concert but I enjoyed it. Read my 10cc Review and see if you agree with me about badly behaved Boomers. 

Home by 11.45. A late night for us. 

Is This Mutton and hubster at 10cc, Royal Albert Hall

Tues Mar 26

Sunny am rained pm. Did Cotton Traders shoot before the rain: Date Night Look. Got Easter eggs. Started using new skincare products from Naked and Thriving (not gifted). Curry.

Weds Mar 27

Sunny am. Did bike ride, Lee Valley. Quite hard because of a biting wind. Trying to use eco mode. The kayakers were out on the white water. 

Wrote a book blog tour post. Had chicken salad. 

Thurs Mar 28

Did a lot of cleaning and blog maintenance. 

Fri Mar 29

Cold, cloudy. We did a walk and then Pilates with the running club. My first time with this class. Started Renegade Nell (Disney). Another kick ass female lead. 

Saturday Mar 30

Cloudy, not quite as cold. The plan is similar to yesterday a forest walk followed this time by yoga at the running club. J may not accompany me as he seems to have my cold. 

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. The London station was of course Paddington. 

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  1. I'm completely the other way, I'll let rain stop me from doing pretty much everything. I hate getting wet and being stuck in wet clothes

  2. Wow. This looks like a busy month. The ballet looks interesting. I hope you had an amazing time Gail xx. Jacqui

  3. You sure we're busy. Sounds like you had a great Month. I'm happy the rain didn't stop you from having a wonderful time this month.
    Visiting today from SSPS 304 #28&29


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