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Tuesday 15 November 2016

5 Christmas Jumpers and Colin Firth

actor Colin Firth in Christmas jumper from Bridget Jones film

Colin Firth in that memorable Christmas jumper

I'd like to say it all started with Colin Firth and the first Bridget Jones film, but I had a very similar reindeer jumper back in 1987. Here's my quick round-up of Christmas woollies. Nothing too subtle here! I like my festive jumpers to be garish and seasonal, not tasteful Fairisle.

Marks and Spencer pale blue reindeer Christmas jumper

This jumper from Marks and Spencer is very similar to the one I had last year, which was cream;  it has a reindeer motiff and sparkly antlers. £29.50.

Yumi robin knit from House of Fraser

If robins are more your thing, this is a cute jumper from House of Fraser, £28 reduced from £35.

Who doesn't love a sequin at Christmas?  Here's a sequinned gingerbread man jumper from Top Shop, £36

Finally, if you blanch at the expense of buying a jumper that may only be worn a couple of times, there are plenty of "decorate your own Christmas jumper" kits out there with prices starting from £3.99.


  1. You had me at Colin Firth!!!! I JUST love him... and he was so bloomin' sexy in Bridget Jones right? I love that you used his photo first lol
    Suzy x

  2. I'm liking the navy one! I've just seen the Bridget Jones film, hAve you seen it yet?
    www.vanityandmestyle.com. com

    1. I have seen it --- it was better than I expected, although not as funny as the first film.

  3. Nice edit, I love the Boden one so cute! #SaturdayShare Yvadney x


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