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Saturday 12 November 2016

A tale of two coats

Winter white Banana Republic cashmere coat
I normally buy one or two coats each year depending on what's in fashion. But this winter,  I'm thrilled to find two of my oldest coats are now back in style.

I remember exactly when I bought this winter-white cashmere coat. It was 2004 and we were in New York; my husband had run the NY Marathon and I had just an hour to go shopping. It was very cold, so in Banana Republic I started trying on coats and came out with this one. It's very long, which is very now, and the high percentage of cashmere means it has always held its shape and "swooshes" nicely when it's open.

Banana Republic winter white coat

The bag is quite old too;  I bought it at an airport, probably around 10 years ago.
Banana Republic winter white cashmere coat
Coat: Banana Republic (2004!), bag Salvatore Ferragamo, boots Office
My black velvet coat is even older. I remember buying it when I lived in Newbury, which places it at around 1998. There was a wonderful family-run department store called Camp Hopson (I wonder if it's still there?) where I bought this coat, by Dannimac - normally known for raincoats.

It has a fur lined hood and looks fab with a party dress.

Dannimac black velvet coat

Dannimac black velvet coat with hood

Dannimac black velvet coat and Office silver ankle boots
A woman's work is never done: Coat: Dannimac, boots Office 

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  1. Wonderful, cozy looks. And how true is that - our work is never done! : > Thanks for linking, xo


  2. Hi Gail, sorry to tell you, but Camp Hopson are long gone. The whole store was knocked down to make way for a much more modern arcade... To my knowledge, they didn't relocate anywhere...

  3. That's a shame Lucy although inevitable I guess. They were very "Grace Brothers."

  4. This is why we don't throw our clothes away! That cashmere coat is absolutely gorgeous.


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