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Monday 21 November 2016

Four must-haves for winter

Before each season I do an audit of the essentials I need. They're faithful staples that may not be the height of fashion but I know they'll be worn time and time again.  The top 4 this winter: 

1. The Crop Cashmere Cardigan

I always buy at least one of these: the black one above is from Pure Collection, currently £74 reduced from £99.  In winter I like to snuggle back into black and grey, whereas in summer I go for bright colours and my crop cardis are pink and lime green.

Utterly invaluable, particularly in summer for chilly evenings. Look for little details like mother of pearl buttons.  I also recommend Boden's crop cardigans. 

2. The gassato cashmere poncho

Ponchos are great for bridging the gap between summer and autumn, when you need a bit of extra warmth but you don't want to wear a coat yet.  Well, as we're definitely wearing coats now - and hats and scarves - I'm now carrying my lightweight gassato cashmere poncho in my bag to wear in offices that have been too aggressively air conditioned.  This one came from Pure Collection.

3 and 4: A silk top and indispensable little jacket 

The silk roll neck top in duck egg goes very well with so many colours, while the cropped ponte jacket gives a nod to the mode for checks and houndstooth. Both from Pure Collection  (you'd think I was on commission - sadly not!) and both at reduced prices right now.



  1. A wonderful collection of essentials, Gail! Love a cashmere cardigan any day. Thanks for linking xo


  2. What a lovely selection. I love your poncho. It's lovely to "meet" you Gail, love Lizzy xxxx www.whatlizzyloves.com xxx


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