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Saturday 5 November 2016

Latest beauty heroes: face

My beauty heroes change quite often. I rarely buy a second bottle! But I made an exception for four of the products shown here, so they must be good.

First up, Alpha-H Liquid Gold smoothing and perfecting mask, £48 from Cult Beauty.
Now I've tried several products containing with alpha hydroxy or gycolic acid, including 
Alpha-H Liquid Gold and also Pixi Glow Tonic and Sunday Riley Good Genes. Although they made my skin brighter and smoother, over time I found them all very drying and stopped using them. I think they're fine for younger skin but maybe a little too harsh for mature skin.

So it was with trepidation that I bought the mask. But the mask is great. Very authentic lavender scent and smooth, luscious cream that you rinse off after 10 mins.  It really does brighten the skin and dial-down dark circles and tiredness. And it doesn't cause any long-term dryness. I'm still on the first tube but I think this one is a keeper.

I rarely wear foundation but occasionally you want a flawless base and to forget about all those darn pigmentation marks  (you still get them even if you sunbathe using Factor 50 - that's my warning to you girls). Clinique's Beyond Perfecting foundation & concealer performs both functions most excellently. I liked it so much, reader, I have it in two shades. It doesn't look mask-like and it isn't too matte, which I find quite ageing. I haven't liked a foundation so much since Estee Lauder's much lamented Lucidity.

Next:  Cult51 immediate effect serum, £95 from Cult Beauty.  I've never rated any serums. I've always thought them over-rated and a cynical attempt to exhort more money out of us. But I was pleasantly surprised by this serum, As always, I applied it to one side of my face for a few days to see if it made any difference.  It was quite noticeable. I applied some on my crow's feet and the wrinkle between my eyebrows, and around my top lip. Definitely plumped up the skin. It looked and felt good enough not to wear moisturizer but that's a step too far. So I'm getting a second bottle for my birthday.

I'm on my third pot of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, £70. I've used dozens of moisturizers over the years but this one, for me, is great. It provides a great base for make-up, feels very luxurious and sinks in quickly, and gives a dewy finish that lasts for hours. Tilbury's products are now available at Cult Beauty, yay  (it's my go-to site, as you may have gathered!).

So those are my latest beauty face heroes: have you used any of them?
Next week: hair heroes


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  1. Great products. First of all it is necessary to mention that skin physiologically changes during lifespan, gradually changing its form and structure. The desire to keep own skin healthy and make age-related changes in it more harmonious always depends on the person. Surely gonna try these thanks for sharing.


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