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Thursday 2 August 2018

Sentence a Day: July 2018

Part brickwork, part wood shed painted Cuprinol rosemary green and decorated with bunting
Sunday 1 August
Sunny, no rain now for 30 days! Went to a BBQ at Christopher and Katie's (John's son and wife). Just a small family gathering, good sausage selection from a farmers' market including a "Harry and Meghan" banger.  

Mon 2nd
Worked at home. Inspired by the summerhouse in Christopher's garden, John painted the shed. Looks very pretty (above).

Tues 3rd
In office. Lunch walk. World Cup: England eventually beat Colombia. Too wired to sleep

Weds 4th
Still sunny. Walk. Jubilation in office after England win.

Thurs 5th
Worked from home. Still sunny. Power Plate. Feel Unique delivery. Keen to road test the Fairydrops mascara. See my review here.

Fri 6th
In office, unusual for a Fri. Delayed on M11 for ages on the way home because of an accident. Grrr. This is why I try not to travel on Fridays - the motorways are very busy and there always seems to be an accident.

Sat 7th
The whole of England was up early bustling about to make sure we were all ready for 3pm: the England v Sweden match. We won 2 nil. Did yoga for 1st time in over a year. 

Sun 8th
Walked to gym for PowerPlate. Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings. Just J and me.  Did some gardening. Published lilac floral skirt blog post. 

Mon 9th
Another accident on M11, this time on the way to work.  Had a new tyre fitted (nothing to do with the accident!).  Office is buzzing with "communitas", the joy that humans find in collective experiences

Tues 10th
At home. Did new gym class body conditioning. J watched RAF flypast celebrating their 75th anniversary. 

Weds 11th
Felt bit stressed and apprehensive. Couldn't find purse. Home early for England v Croatia. Lost 2 - 1. I must have had a premonition.

Thurs 12th
Wrote piece about the football. Ate too much. Took a salad to work but it was abandoned for a sandwich and crisps instead, and later a shortbread someone had taken to a meeting. Then when I got home had one of my favourite meals, quiche with a Greek salad. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

Fri 13th
Went into London for the Monet & Architecture exhibition and had to battle our way through the Trump demo in Trafalgar Square. Then we had dinner at Langans Brasserie. It rained unexpectedly, first time since May 29. Quite prolonged and had no umbrella.
Van Gogh Irises painting with cushions picking out the blue and orange tones
Sat 14th
Sun is back. Delivery of new cushions and a lamp for the sitting room.   Do this occasionally to freshen it up. Usual tasks:  yoga  (hopefully, now becoming a habit every Saturday);  shopping,  housework.

Sun 15th
Did PowerPlate; got home, did make-up and then a "shoot" for four different outfits for the Bias-Cut.com. Two of the outfits are for winter so did the shoot indoors, out of the blazing sun.  Results here and here. Had gammon and jacket potatoes for lunch.  Rachel (John's daughter) and fiance Sean came over.

Mon 16th
Sunny. Went for a pub lunch with my "buddy" at work, a fairly new colleague who I'm helping with informal support. Had a duck wrap. With chips. 

Tues 17th
At home. Finished book The Wives, Lauren Weisenbeger. Found it a bit predictable.  Re-reading Philippa Gregory's novel about Margaret Tudor, Katherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor:  Three Sisters, Three Queens. Did a stretch class.

Weds 18th
Quite an exciting day after Drivetime post went live and a lot of reaction on Twitter and Facebook  (this is a parochial UK thing concerning a much loved radio show), 

Thurs 19th
Quieter day. At work. Signed the agreement for a new car. Will take delivery hopefully at the end of November. 

Fri 20th
At home. Went to my first MeetUp for over a year, a piano recital.  It was in the basement of a record shop and not quite as enjoyable as the recitals they occasionally run in churches. 

Sat 21st
Rained a little in night, convenient. J went to Sean's stag night. Meant I could indulge in whatever TV I wanted. Started with an episode of Say yes to the dress UK followed by the film Lady Bird.

Sun 22nd
Cycled to PP - first time on my bike for probably two years !! Roast chicken for lunch. Hot and sultry. Played what I call the Instagram algorithm game, where I look up people whose posts I haven't seen for ages, and then leave comments on the posts Instagram made me miss). Listened as usual to  Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s. I've found a fantastic Facebook group for his show and it's so enjoyable seeing all their comments for each song.
Middle aged woman in cycling helmet and colourful leggings on bike
Mon 23rd
Busy day in the office. Had meetings late afternoon so left early to do those meetings at home. Makes life a whole lot easier.

Tues 24th
At home. Did an early PowerPlate class. Sweltering in my little office.

Weds 25th
In the office. Very hot outside, short walk at lunchtime. Cancelled gym class because we were going to watch the last episode of series 2 of Line of Duty. Have seen it before but it's very gripping. A bad excuse for not exercising!

Thurs 26th
Am really enjoying a podcast series called The Bright Sessions (found it at iTunes store). It's sci-fi, about a US psychologist who specialises in people with atypical abilities such as being able to read people's minds, and time travelling.

Fri 27th
27 degrees today and hot in my home office. Did two classes I haven't done for probably two years, Pilates and Body Pump, so pleased that I'm using more of the gym's facilities. Was looking forward to the "red moon" lunar eclipse, but unfortunately the weather took a change for the worse. We had a short shower and then it became cloudy. Too cloudy to see the eclipse. Boo hoo.

Sat 28th
Household chores today. Very tired after yesterday's exertions. The Body Pump squats have killed my knees, and the Pilates has tortured my obliques!

Sun 29th
Did a PowerPlate class. Rachel and Sean came for lunch - it's their last Sunday lunch with us as an engaged couple. This time next they will be married.

Mon 30th
Bad night, couldn't sleep - woke up at 5.30am feeling feverish with a sore throat. A cold, but decided not to go to the office as I don't believe you should knowingly spread germs.

Tues 31st
A bit better, coughing a lot. Getting hot again after a few days of cooler weather. Picked blackberries in some waste ground behind our house. At 5pm had hair cut and coloured, ready for the wedding.
Wonderful stewed with apple:  wild blackberries


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your month. Quite a good one for England. I wish I could get into yoga. Well done for getting into the gym! Hope you get over your cold soon!! xx


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