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Monday 30 July 2018

BBC Radio 2 #DriveTime protest, 30 July update

Letter from the 4,000+ members of the Facebook Group Bring Back Simon Mayo’s Dreamteam on Drivetime

Dear Simon and Matt,

I am emailing you today on behalf of a 4,000+ strong Facebook group to give you our personal thank you for eight years of a brilliant show. We want to thank you for eight years of entertainment, hilarity, and, above all, friendship.

Your show was like tuning in to a group of friends who were clearly enjoying themselves and bouncing off each other. Running jokes made us laugh, the confessions and Matt's laugh made us howl, Sanjeen's confession made us cry. The homework kept us informed and your interviewing skills when you had an expert on the next day showed just how fine a broadcaster you are.

Sitting in a car in traffic on the motorway can be a lonely place, we welcomed you into our vehicles and our homes and we never felt too alone. The Seven o'clock pips always seemed to come round too soon. People no longer have their friends with them while making the tea.

Sadly the BBC decided that the perfect show had to be messed with. We respect Jo as the excellent broadcaster that she is, we just feel it's the wrong show for her. When she was shoehorned in, the show became flat and Simon, you don't sound like you're enjoying it either. The biggest problem is the lack of Matt. Personally I can't stand sport, but Matt, you weren't just 'sports guy' (as referred to by Steve Wright) you were an integral part of the show and one of our friends as were Nigel and Bobbie. How will we know now whether it's ok to put the heating on?

The confessions podcasts used to be the highlight of our week. Most no longer download it now. Thanks to several of our group, we now have a confessions podcast file share with nearly every podcast ever produced, they make for much easier listening.

Your jingle 'It's Later Than You Think' is very fitting, we never knew it was so late in the shows lifespan.

Unfortunately many of your loyal fans have tuned out, Magic FM gaining a large part of your former audience.

We hope that one day the BBC can see the error in its ways, or that you can find another organisation to take your show and team to.

To quote the late Sir Terry, thank you for being our friend. We love you and we miss your friendship. Different times.

Suzanna has stopped ironing.

Regards, your loyal listeners

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