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Thursday 12 July 2018

Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara

The packaging of Fairydrops Scandal Queen waterproof mascara makes it look like it's aimed at adolescent girls but the rose gold casing is quite sophisticated and the mascara performs very well on nearly every vector

I used to be continually searching for the perfect nude lipstick, but having discovered that bright colours are so much more flattering on me, I've abandoned that and replaced it with the hunt for a perfect mascara.

Oh mascara! How problematic this simple product becomes. As a contact lens wearer, my eyes are sometimes moist, and that, compounded by the eye creams I use, makes it challenging for many mascaras to stay put. Panda eyes is a constant bugbear of mine.

A few months ago my lashes became very LONG thanks to daily application of RapidLash, but it doesn't make them any thicker so while it was fun having longer lashes, they still looked a bit spread out (gappy) and I wanted a mascara to create volume.  I find that using an eyeliner pencil and pushing it into the gaps between the lashes really helps, although yet again it's tough finding one that doesn't smudge or creep.

Having heard great things about the Japanese mascara Fairydrops Scandal Eyes, I ordered the waterproof variant (£18.50).  It was devised by a well-known TV celebrity in Japan.

Elegant case

Ignore the somewhat adolescent packaging - this mascara looks quite classy in its rose gold casing.

Close up of the rose gold casing of Fairydrops Scandal Eyes waterproof mascara: copyright Is This Mutton? dot com

It has what I would describe scientifically as a "wibbly wobbly" brush. The brush has three little cloud-like spirals. These help to give a curling effect. Some bloggers have said you don't need to use an eyelash curler beforehand.

The mascara delivers on four big asks:

  • It doesn't smudge.  Nope, I wear it all day!
  • It feels good on your lashes and doesn't make them feel solid or brittle;
  • It comes out of the tube very well: not too runny and not too thick or gloopy. Just right in fact;
  • It comes off easily with an oil based remover. 
But it doesn't deliver so well on volume. It separates nicely  (probably too well for someone with lashes which are already well separated!) and creates a little length, but it doesn't make the lashes any fuller. It's hard to show this, but the close-up below shows how the mascara looks when I have applied two coats.

Over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon in a close-up to show her lashes after application of Fairydrops Scandal Queen waterproof mascara

So would I buy it again?  Well, I will certainly use it - which is progress, seeing as the last few mascaras I tried, from Pur, Stila and Lancome, ended up in the bin because they smudged under my eyes. It gives a classy result and it's a relief to find a product that gives an elegant look rather than the clumpy spider effect. But I still believe a more volumising mascara must be out there waiting for me, with the same positive attributes. Which one(s) have you found brilliant?  Please put me out of my misery.

You can buy this mascara from Feel Unique, Amazon , Beauty Bay and QVC, I bought it myself, it was not gifted.

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