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Sunday 21 October 2018

Autumn bucket list update

A typical autumn scene of red and golden leaves
I didn't realise I'd have give an update on my autumn/fall bucket list quite so soon so I'm feeling a bit guilty that I haven't made much progress.

Most of the activities on my list were fairly benign and pleasant, seeing as it was my first one. I didn't want to set myself anything too demanding. Here's a recap on my list:
Image showing the bucket list for autumn/fall 2018 for style blog Is This Mutton?
1. Spring bulbs: I'm halfway through the job.  I always wait until November to plant tulips because you are less likely to have them suffer from tulip fire if you wait until the ground is colder. So far I have planted the narcissi, muscari and crocuses. It's always a challenge to find enough available containers because some of the summer planting is still going strong - dahlias and so on. But by November I will have got rid of them and can move the tulips in.

2.. Sort out the Christmas carol service.  Well, job done - although not as I planned! I invited members of the family, who all declined, and then some of my blogger chums, who also declined. So I guess it's a No this year! I may still get J to go to a different carol service, the one at St Paul's Cathedral. No tickets are needed in advance.

3. Arrange a blogger meet up for the New Year:  I'm going to organise afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel in London. I'm reluctant to lock down dates yet because I travel a lot for work and don't want to commit and then find I can't make my own event!

4. Get more theatre visits:  YES! Have been twice since I published my bucket list, and we're off to see In the Height of the Storm, with Dame Eileen Atkins and Jonathan Pryce, in November. Plus I have a ballet booked for Jan and another play booked for Feb.

5. Lose seven pounds. No. I've maybe lost one or two. But there are lots of birthdays in Oct and Nov (including J's and mine) plus Christmas hard on their heels, so I'm not making this a high priority just yet.

6. Start the daily walking again:  haven't started yet.

7. Buy a year planner for 2019.  Yay - it's up on the wall! I purposefully haven't filled it in yet - don't want to show the burglars when we're on holiday, do we?

8. Buy fewer clothes and shop the closet:  I probably have bought fewer clothes than I normally do at this time of year.  I write down everything I buy so that I have a record at the end of the year. I'll be featuring more old faves on the blog in the next few weeks.

9. Participate in at least one SIA challenge. Haven't done this yet. I was very tempted by the current one, but I haven't got any florals in these colors. So here's still time hopefully for the next couple of challenges.
10. Gather some conkers:  done, and these have been placed around the house, on window sills, to deter spiders.  It may be an old wives' tale but we found it worked last year.

11. Book a mini break: not done. I'll tell you why. Mr Mutton is very fit and a dedicated sportsman. He's invariably training for something. From late Nov to April, he's training for the London Marathon and he always trains a group of beginners for his running club. From May to July, he needs to do intensive cycling training for the two week challenge he's doing, over 1000 miles across the south of France (very hilly). In theory, there's a window of opportunity now, but I know he would be itching to come back in time for the Sunday cycle rides he does with friends. So I need to go on weekend breaks with someone else! 

So progress is a bit slow - probably fewer than half of the tasks done! I'm going to delete the last one, the mini break, because it won't happen now with the marathon training season. 

Hope to do better next time ladies! Thanks to Leslie for pulling this group of bloggers together!

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