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Wednesday 17 October 2018

Can these pills lift brain fog? And link up

Colourful dandelions illustrating a report by over 45s style blog Is This Mutton? on nootropics, supplements which claim to enhance brain function

Have you heard of nootropics? Nootropics are foods or dietary supplements that support brain functions such as focus, memory and concentration. I was invited by the brand Utmost Me to try their two products, Neuro Focus Plus and Neuro Rest. Here's my objective, unbiased review.
I've noticed that in the last few years, my memory has got worse - in particular remembering people's names.  I'm sure this is just an age thing but it's annoying nonetheless, even though I always remember eventually.

So I was interested to try Neuro Focus Plus, a product based on plant based ingredients. These ingredients are said to be clinically shown to support Alpha Brain Wave activity responsible for creative thinking, concentration during stress, and the synthesis of natural neurotransmitters.

I was also encouraged to partner this product with Neuro Rest, even though I generally sleep quite well. The theory is that if you get your brain into the right sleep patterns - and this includes the deep sleep that actually eludes most of us - your mind will be more receptive to the ingredients in Focus Plus. In a study by Utmost Me (the company which sells the capsules), 97%  said they slept better; 98% of customers surveyed would recommend us, 78% woke up less and 77% got to sleep faster.

You start the course by taking the Neuro Rest supplement first: one pill, about 30 minutes before bedtime, once a day, for four days. You then increase the dose to two pills, and introduce one pill from Neuro Focus Plus, which can then go up to two thereafter. For maximum effectiveness, you should take Neuro Focus Plus for at least five days consecutively.

Two bottles of nootropic supplements, Neuro Rest and Neuro Focus Plus, from Is This Mutton's review

What people are saying

On the Utmost Me website, the various customer reviews include comments like:

  • I was having trouble concentrating at work, and had just been feeling flat and unmotivated. I have to say I am very impressed - I seem to be able to concentrate and focus much better now, and can get more done in shorter periods of time
  • As a serial procrastinator, this product has helped me massively cut down 'pondering' time and helped me get through my work quicker
  • Even my colleagues noticed I am more productive since using your product. The effects seem to be cumulative as my focus time increases a bit every day. 


The ingredients in Neuro Focus Plus include L-Tyrosine, rhodiola, caffeine & kola nut extracts, biotin, zinc, soya lecithin and blackberries.  The formula was created by doctors, nutritionists and biochemists.

I couldn't find any hard research on the Utmost Me website. Reviews and qualitative customer surveys don't really do it for me. I want to see quantatitive heavyweight research carried out by universities. But very little research is ever done in these areas. So while the website says "proven" quite a lot, I'm still in "prove it to me" space.

What I found

As one of the reviewers above said, I am also a serial procrastinator at work. I somehow take a perverse pleasure in leaving some things to the last minute, even though I'm  an inveterate planner and organizer.  So I was glad that taking Neuro Focus Plus gave me a bit more impetus to "get on with it," which is something I'm forever saying to myself.

My memory for people's names also improved.  I wasn't constantly trying to recall the name of someone I'd only met a few days before.

One of my learnings was to take the two pills early in the morning. You will have noticed caffeine in the ingredients, and although it's a small amount, it was enough to keep me awake for hour when I took a tablet too late in the day (around 5pm). 

Neuro Rest

I mentioned that I didn't think I needed Neuro Rest because in the main I sleep quite well. It was only after taking this product that I realised I had been deluding myself. My normal pattern is going to bed quite early, reading and then falling asleep very quickly, waking after about three hours and then reading again with a cup of tea before falling asleep again and then getting up at 5.45.  In reality I was only getting five to six hours of sleep a night, and I thrive on eight.

After taking Neuro Rest,  I started sleeping for a solid eight to eight and a half hours without waking up. The tablets definitely improved my sleep quality and I felt more energised when I woke up.

What's in Neuro Rest?

Ingredients said to be good for aiding relaxation, reducing fatigue and tiredness whilst increasing the feel good hormone serotonin. These include: magnesium, L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Montmorency cherries (high in melatonin), L-Taurine and Biotin. 

Would I buy these products myself?

I would definitely buy Neuro Rest, which costs £24 for a bottle of 60 tablets. If you suffer from sleep problems or insomnia, always try to improve your "sleep hygiene" first (see my post 5 Simple Ways To Get a Good Night's Sleep). Neuro Rest might help, it helped me.

I am not so sure about Neuro Focus Plus. It helped my concentration and memory, but I'm a bit wary of the caffeine (75mg in two capsules) and wonder if drinking more coffee might have the same effect. Neuro Focus Plus costs £29 for a bottle of 50 capsules.

I was gifted by Utmost Me to try the Neuro Rest and Neuro Focus Plus capsules. My review is unbiased and objective as always.


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  2. How interesting Gail. I'm so pleased you have found these tablets work for you. Have a great nights sleep! xx Maria


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