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Sunday 14 October 2018

Smart look, supermarket style

Over-45s style blogger Gail Hanlon in forest green and mustard stripe dress from Sainsbury's, mustard pull-on ankle boots, also Sainsbury's, and green ribbed tights
I was doing the shopping at Sainsbury's and couldn't help noticing the clothing aisles were full of new arrivals. Plenty of on-trend colours;  a decent looking leather jacket; good looking coats.
I grabbed this ponte dress, £22, in autumn's most popular forest green, with a mustard stripe, and was very taken by the soft pull-on mustard ankle boots, £25. It's an outfit I'd be quite happy to wear to work.

I'm fully aware that there's a whole argument raging about not buying "fast fashion", but a lot of people can't afford to splurge on luxury items which will last, and not everyone has the time to go to charity shops.

Some of the supermarket buys I've made over the years have lasted a long time.  I have a couple of skirt and jumper combos from Sainsbury's that I wear at home every winter. And frankly, buying designer or "quality" clothes can be problematic in itself.  I was appalled to read that Burberry literally throw away thousands of pounds worth of stock every season, because they don't want to see it being sold cheaply and compromising their brand  (I think they subsequently did a U -turn, not surprisingly).  And a lot of the cashmere we buy is not always ethically sourced.

To do my bit for the planet clothes-wise, I buy quite a bit of secondhand on eBay and I'd love to find more in charity shops. I choose my fast fashion haunts very carefully because I care about the workers at the other end of the supply chain, and Sainsbury's ethical trading policy is here.
Over 45 year old woman in knee length forest green and mustard stripe dress, cross-the-body-bag and mustard ankle boots in a look for AW18
I added ribbed green tights - probably too warm for this time of year, it was still 23 degrees in London yesterday, a showstopper citrine ring and a green leather cross-the-body bag from Uterque (AW17). 
Citrine ring and green cross-the-body bag outfit detail
Although it was warm and sunny yesterday (albeit windy) it's raining today so I was forced to take pictures indoors. 
Posed in a home office, a work outfit from supermarket Sainsbury's: forest green and mustard dress worn with mustard ankle boots and a green cross-the-body bag
What are your views on fast fashion?  Are you consciously trying to do less of it? Would you like Is This Mutton? to feature more buys from eBay and charity shops? I'd be interested to hear your views in the comments below.

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  1. Lovely outfit Gail, those mustard boots are fab! I am trying to buy less fast fashion but changing long term habits takes time. I don't shop at Primark and I've stopped buying from Amazon. Weaning myself off Zara and Mango will take more will power! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  2. I agree with Emma and love your boots - you'll get plenty of wear from these I think. I love having a nosey in Sainsburys when I can, I always see something I like! Thanks for sharing and I'll be back on Wednesday Gail Jacqui Mummabstylish

  3. I shop 90% second hand. This is a newish trend for me (maybe the last 2 years). I way prefer the quality and unique finds. Lise

  4. Hi Gail, this looks fab on you! My eyes were drawn to your mustard booties and I love the plaid shift on you. I do a lot of shopping on Poshmark, the Real Real, which are online thrifting sites here in the US. I have gotten so many good deals and enjoy shopping this way. HOwever, I am a Zara fan too, so I carefully select pieces I want to last longer.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  5. That dress is fabulous and I love your textured tights. During Fall and Winter I am all for prints like that with some texture, lots of neutrals and a pop of color like you did. Actually, I wore a similar short-sleeve tweed dress last week. =)

    Don't forget to link up with me on Thursday for Thursday Moda. Thanks. =) As always, I love your style!!

  6. I think it's a fabulous outfit. I love the dress and the boots are fabulous. What a colour!
    I buy a lot less clothing.....well, I buy a lot less new clothing. I buy a lot pre loved now. But it doesn't mean I'm not buying from the high street shops. But a lot less!


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