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Sunday 16 December 2018

Staying warm and dry

Burgundy fur trimmed parka from Oasis worn with burgundy suede boots and jeans.

Here I am wearing something I would never have bought a year or two ago:  a fur trimmed parka coat. Yes, I used to be very sniffy about coats that were padded, quilted or insulated.  Those, I felt, were best consigned to hill and mountain walks.  Instead, I always bought cashmere coats like this lilac number. 
I've only actually worn that coat once so far, on Mother's Day, because we don't really get the right sort of weather for it in the UK. Wool coats are best worn in cold (but not too cold) blue sky weather.

My epiphany started when I went to stay with my mum in Plymouth and the weather turned unexpectedly cold. I went to her local supermarket which has a Dorothy Perkins concession, and picked up an olive green anorak with a fur trimmed hood for around £19 in the sale. I wasn't expecting to wear it very much but I have.

So realizing that this type of coat is much more useful for the wet, windy and cold UK weather, I decided to get a longer version, a parka. I found this burgundy coat in Oasis, and it's wonderful. So toasty, as it has an inner zippable front part  (I'm sure it has a proper name). The hood is rather large and loose, but I don't think I'll use it very much.

The parka is sold out online - I've found some alternatives in the shopping guide below. I'm wearing it with berry coloured suede boots (at least 12 years old) and a leather tote from M&S.

Fur trimmed burgundy insulated parka coat from Oasis, ideal for the wet and windy UK winter weather

I've also bought a black trench coat, which was on my pre-winter wish list. This cotton rich trench coat from Marks and Spencer, £99, is very heavy and feels like a quality number. Even John said "that's a good winter coat you've got there."

It's had mixed reviews on their site with some criticizing the length and saying the hood is useless.  I love it - the long style makes sure a midi skirt or dress isn't exposed, and the hood, albeit too big and flappy, would protect my hair if I was caught without an umbrella. The pockets are nice and deep, and the check lining makes it look like a certain brand.

Wet and windy UK winter weather calls for insulated and waterproof coats. Is This Mutton? overcomes an initial aversion to parkas and anoraks.

The coat has Stormwear™ technology for increased protection against wind and rain, and something called a Buttonsafe™ finish to give for extra durability to the buttons to make sure it stays looking smart.

I bought a size 12 (US size eight) and the belt is too big (needs more notches), so I tie it round my waist. I could probably have sized down, which is what a lot of the reviews suggest.

My other must-have for winter is a technical waterproof jacket from Rab for when we go to the Lake District. These are pricey but highly efficient.

What's your go-to outerwear for dealing with the weather conditions where you live in winter? Let me know in the comment.

No items were gifted. I receive a few pence if you click through and buy in the shopping guide below.
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  1. Great colourful coat, I think I need to look for a new one as the fluffy insides are trying to escape mine! Thanks for sharing Gail. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  2. Two fabulous coats there Gail! I find the hoods on mosts coat a bit too flappy to be of any real use, other than for holding onto when you get caught without an umbrella. Good to have them all the same! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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