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Wednesday 24 June 2020

All White? Plus Link Up

Over 50s fashion blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in white trousers, broderie blouse and leopard print accessories

This summer has been a strange one for fashion trends because they have been largely dictated by the retailers without the usual street style of influencers percolating through and creating the odd surprise (like last year's Zara "It" dress).

The three biggest trends are statement sleeves, broderie and what I call the big dress - voluminous and baggy,

I love wearing all-white and I've picked up a lovely white broderie blouse from New Look.  I've added leopard print accessories. You have two different whites going on - the ivory of the trousers and the white of the blouse - texture, in the hide fabric of the bag, the broderie lace, and of course the animal print and some chunky pearls to add some interest.

Gail Hanlon from over-50s style blog Is This Mutton with chunky pearls and leopard print accessories livening up an all-white outfit

I showed a different a white outfit with pink last summer featuring a sequin and bead encrusted duster coat here, and a couple of years ago, an all-white outfit worn on the last day of a Greek holiday. I'd love to have a winter white outfit too for the colder months - coat, boots, jumper/sweater.

Broderie blouse and white trousers with leopard print accessories worn by over-50s style blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton

The lack of a haircut and colour is really starting to show now.  I was fortunate in that I had my hair done a fortnight before lockdown started. It grows quite slowly so it's only in the last two weeks that it's become really ratty.  I find I need to wash it every day, otherwise the dark roots show through all the more.  I was wondering if the roots would be grey, and thinking that if they were, I might carry on growing out the colour.  But it seems the roots are still quite dark, and there's no grey at the back.

We're not expecting hairdressers to open in the UK until at least July 4.  I contacted my salon to go on the waiting list but have heard nothing.  I've only been going there for just over a year so I'm not expecting to be seen until probably August. It doesn't bother me too much.  Hair is nothing in the scheme of things.  How's your hair bearing up?  Have you tried any DIY colour?  Let us know in the comments.

No items were gifted for this post 

I'm back on Friday with Friday Favourites - see you then. 

Now it's time for #WowOnWednesday, the link up where everyone gains. Readers can find new blogs to enjoy and bloggers can find new readers!

The most popular post was from Michelle at Fifty and Fab with her post Royal Ascot 2020/#StyledWithThanks Campaign. For those of you outside the UK, Royal Ascot is normally a big, glamorous social occasion: a famous horse racing event attended by royalty where the women really put on the glitz. This year the event happens behind closed doors, but women were still encouraged to dress up and share their pictures.

I love Michelle's dress, so flattering!

Over 50s fashion blogger Michelle from Fifty and Fab in asymmetric Karen Millen dress

Hot on MIchelle's heels was Leslie from Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After with her post Alphabet Edition: My Fashion Haus. Leslie featured a stupendous green cargo skirt, and also her interpretation for the latest SIA challenge. It was great to see her back in the link up.

60 plus fashion blogger Leslie Clingan in green cargo skirt and print top
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  1. What a good combination leopard with white is! And such a good blouse, love that!

  2. The leopard accessories look very pretty with the white. Your hair still looks good Gail, both the colour and the cut. My hair problem is not the colour because I do that myself but it needs cutting - it's grown much too long and the ends are so tatty. To be honest, even if the hairdressers open on 4th July, I don't think I would feel safe going there yet.


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