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Monday 3 July 2017

#5 Over 50 Challenge: 50 Shades of Monochromatic

A monochromatic outfit - all white - for summer, shown by Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon. Different textures from lace, pearls, leather and denim create interest.The July challenge to our fab collective of over-50s fashion bloggers was 50 Shades of Monochromatic. I chose to style an all-white outfit. When I'm on holiday I always save a white outfit for the last day when I have a light tan, so the photos were taken "on location" by Mr Mutton in Kassandra Bay Resort & Spa, Skiathos, Greek Islands.
White looks great with a tan and against a blue sky, as Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon shows in this shot for the 5 Over 50 Challenge: Monochrome.
I was keen to mix different textures of white - lace, leather, denim, pearls - and paired my Boden white jeans, now £40 in the sale, with a white lace panel blouse from Mango which has lovely floaty sleeves.

It was a bit too see-through for my taste  (I didn't want to go the whole hog of "50 Shades!") so I wore a Pure Collection camisole underneath. Finished off with white sandals with perspex heels  (M&S Autograph, last year), white bow bag from Asos and large pearls. Plus my pearly white nail polish, Happy Anniversary by OPI.
White is a great choice for a summer outfit particularly if you have a tan - mix your textures to create interest. Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton? is wearing a lacy blouse from Mango, white jeans from Boden, chunky pearls, leather sandals and white  pearly nail polish

White can come in many shades and textures: lace, pearls, cotton, leather. Combine the textures and shades to create an outfit with impact for summer.
Close-up showing the lace detail of the top.
Now let's see what my four cohorts came up with.
Showing how stylish monochrome can be, Vanity and Me blogger Laurie is elegant in pale pink
Laurie from Vanity and Me is a master at using monochromatic, and is a picture of elegance and sophistication in her blush and white tones. I love the feminine drapiness of the skirt and the accessories she has chosen. 
Showing how you can have fun with black and white and pattern mixing, Anna Parkes from Anna's Island Style in gingham, check trousers and a fun circles umbrella
Anna from Anna's Island Style  was the only one to go for the black and white option with her funky trews and shoes, gingham top and circles umbrella. Superb pattern mixing! I love the black and white frame to her sunglasses.
Monochrome can mean different shades of one colour as blogger Jacqui Berry shows with her zingy yellow outfit and accessories
Jacqui from Mummabstylish is delivering a blast of colour with her gorgeous citrus lemon, all the more stunning for being photographed in a field of rape seed.
Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones shows us several different colours in her interpretation of the 5 Over 50 Challenge: Monochromatic, including this all-white version.
Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones  also chose white as her monochromatic choice, with a lacy top and belted trousers, and beige sandals. She tried other colours too including yellow and black. 

For the outfit details make sure to visit each of the blogs!

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Sharing this post with Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Emma at Style Splash, Claire Justine and Jess at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.

What would your interpretation of the challenge be?

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  1. Gail you look fabulous!!!! X

  2. Wow was what I thought when I saw the first photo! White with a tan, this suits you so well Gail.Beautiful photos xx

    1. Thanks Laurie! Not much of a tan, it was so hot in Greece I stayed in the shade most of the time!

  3. Gail
    What a top tip to save the white outfit for the last day, so it matches your tan!
    I will remember that one. Pretty pictures

    1. Thanks Ashley! Mr Mutton is an impatient snapper so I didn't have many shots to choose from!

  4. So gorgeous in all white, Gail, and the pearls are the perfect finishers. xo


    1. Thanks Patti...those pearls cost me less than a pound in the sale a few years ago, and I wear them so much!

  5. This is a great look on you Gail. You really suit white.

    Hope you are having a nice start to your week.

    Gemma x

    1. Thanks Gemma, hoping for a return to the heatwave so I can wear white here too!

  6. What a lovely tradition you've carved out, saving an all white out for the end a holiday in the sun. Makes so much sense. You look stunning in the lace and jeans and I think I have a little crush on those sandals

    1. They are the most comfortable sandals too! I rarely wear heels lately but these sandals are thr bomb. Good old M&S.

  7. Your photos are such a wonderful holiday reminder for you Gail. Keeping white for the last day is a brilliant idea - you look like you managed to get a great tan over the week.

    Anna x

  8. I love your all white look, Gail! The different textures look fabulous! And I just LOVE your pearl necklace!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  9. You all look lovely. I wish I could wear light colours but my dog jumps up me. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

    1. Light colours are tough to wear --- my white outfit gets an outing of about 3 hours at the end of the holiday and then I've probably spilled food down it or sat on a dirty bench.....

  10. I love this outfit, especially the top and shoes. I wish I could wear an all white outfit without getting it dirty! Great tip about saving the whites for the end of the holiday! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  11. Pure and stunning - love an all white outfit. I haven't worn much all white this summer, but may have to try this out. x Jacqui

    1. It would look stunning with your colouring Jacqui!

  12. I just love your idea of all white. The outfit is perfect, you've thought of every single detail. I absolutely love your cluch - the bow looks so fashionable and cute at the same time. The ideas of your friends are also very pretty. Kisses - Margot :)))


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