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Friday, 25 September 2020

L'Aves - Luxurious Vegan Skincare


Products from the L'AVES vegan skincare ranges reviewed by Is This Mutton blog


L'AVES is a new British skincare range which offers something that most vegan brands don't:  a touch of luxury.  I find a lot of vegan beauty products perform perfectly well but they lack the scents, the delicate textures and the feeling of indulgence when you look at the packaging and then apply them. Not so with this gorgeous brand.


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Rejuvenation in the Lake District - and Link Up

Rejuvenation in the Lake District with UK blog Is This Mutton
I'm back after my two week staycation and fully rejuvenated. In the first week I spent a few days in Plymouth with my mum - there'll be more in my Sentence a Day post to be published on 6 October. For the second week, we drove the long distance to the Lake District, in the north of England.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Gone Fishing

Woman  in shorts and trainers in corn field
Well not fishing exactly, but on holiday for two weeks and staycationing.  And boy, do I need the break!

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Photo Booth Agony and Ecstasy - and Link Up

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon pictured in photo booth images from the 1970s
Last week I found myself in a passport photo booth for the first time in 10 years. They've changed a lot since then.  You can now choose to have a digital passport photo, where you get the usual print out of four mug shots to keep, but also a code to use if you renew your passport online. No need to scan the photos anymore.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Goodbye to Lockdown - In London At Least

For the last few months I've been describing Lockdown Life in England as part of my normal Sentence a Day.  Now, in August 2020, we are largely out of lockdown, although regional flare-ups mean parts of the north had measures reimposed. We still have some restrictions in place around how many people are supposed to meet in gardens and houses; we wear face coverings in shops and on public transport, and most theatres are still dark. Holidays abroad are difficult because we have to quarantine on return from most countries for 14 days. This week children finally return to school. 

Monday, 31 August 2020

What I Would Wear in the FROW: Style Not Age Challenge

A chic dress to help you feel confident in any situation. Black dress with white collar and cuffs worn with polka dot kitten heels
Happy bank holiday - the last before Christmas (eek!).  The Style Not Age collective is having some fun today with the challenge I set, "What I would wear in the FROW,"  the FROW being the front row of the fashion shows which are currently happening, mostly virtually, around Europe.

The thought of actually being invited to sit in the FROW is fairly terrifying.  You could either copy the fashion editors in wearing designer spoils which are not even in the stores yet, or vintage, which at least stops the fashion editors from sneering at a dress from last year.

Friday, 28 August 2020

Friday Favourites - August Edition

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton listening to the podcasts she reviews once a month in Friday Favourites, while out hiking
It's nearly September! We got through lockdown, summer is bowing out, but we're still not back to normal in terms of going out and having holidays abroad. Soon it will get darker earlier and we'll be spending even more time at home. Let's hope the broadcasters have some good programmes in store for us.

For this month's round-up I've got a wide selection of what I've enjoyed / am enjoying.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Early Buys for Autumn/Fall - and Link Up

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon has a list of must-haves for autumn 2020 and rose gold boots are on the list.  These are from Hush
I know a lot of you will be appalled at the idea of buying for autumn/fall, but it's a good move if you're after a winter coat, parka, technical rain wear or boots that are likely to be highly sought after. All of these tend to sell out fast.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

What I've Been Wearing This Unusual Summer - and Link Up

Gail Hanlon from over 50s style blog Is This Mutton in white shorts, abstract print blouse and white trainers
Whatever happened to the "what I've been wearing" posts, which used to be such a staple of the blog! Before setting off for work I'd try to grab a photo of the day's outfit, sometimes doing it in the (deserted) office if it was winter and still dark.

In these unprecedented times, to use the phrase regularly deployed by the media, with this summer's mixed weather, I've been sticking to a few staples. So much of my summer wardrobe hasn't seen the light of day.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Ever Experienced Nothing to Wear Syndrome? And Link Up

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon and cocktail at the bar at the Gilbert Scott in London
We finally went Out Out at the weekend, going into London to belatedly celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, which was in June.  We chose the Gilbert Scott Restaurant which is in the Renaissance Hotel at St Pancras. Named after a famous architect and owned by Marcus Wareing, it has a beautiful interior.

You may be surprised I was stumped as to what to wear. Surely, after months of not going out, and with a wardrobe full of clothes, I would have plenty of options?

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Fashion and Beauty Update Plus Link Up

Over 50 style blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton wearing striped paper bag trousers - black Bowie tee and white Stan Smith trainers
Today's post is a mixed bag of fashion and beauty and of course the #WowOnWednesday link up. I pulled out last year's F&F paper bag striped trousers for the first time this summer and added a Bowie tee and white trainers for a shopping expedition.  Food shopping and the garden centre, that is:  I don't have much inclination to look at stores yet until the autumn drops are under way.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

An End to Lockdown? Sentence a Day July 2020

Cattle return to Epping Forest in the summer
For the last few months my Sentence a Day entries have been a journal of lock down life in the UK. I'm in a more fortunate position than many, working full-time from home in a tech industry job and having just a retired husband and cat at home. It's been a worry not being able to see my mother, 250 miles away, but this month we finally met up for the first time since early December.

Weds July 1
Did a forest walk 3.5 miles. Attended a free Perfect Posture webinar offered by John Lewis & Partners and featuring former Olympic champion Daley Thompson. Today we should have been going to the Greek island of Skiathos, but UK flights to Greece don't start until 15 July and our holiday was cancelled.  I saw online that the first international plane to arrive was from Serbia and it was hosed down, as is the tradition.

Thurs 2 July
Did the food shopping.  Mystery shortages: rubber gloves (still), Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce and peshwari naans. Finished at 8pm. Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow.

Fri 3 July
Having a day off - this is called a care day which was kindly awarded to everyone at my company to take before the end of July.  Bright start, got windy. Went for walk with J, golf club and Yates Meadow, 4 miles.  Then did Mrs Hinch's  Freshen Up Friday. I did have to log in for a Zoom call between 5 and 6 for work, but a small thing to gripe about.

Sat 4 July
More of an easing of lockdown from today.  Hairdressers, pubs and restaurants are now open, with social distancing and other measures. We didn't partake. Did some shopping in Epping. Granddaughter Rosie, 16 months,  came round. Started to watch the 2019 comedy film Plus One., but it was awful so stopped after 30 mins.

Sun 5 July
Sunny but v windy. Did a home workout.  Weeded and watered the rose bed after applying their fertilizer. Should get lovely second flush. Watched film A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, about two older chaps walking the Appalachian trail.  I enjoyed it, seven out of 10.

Mon 6 July
Did an early walk, urban and boring. Surprise delivery from my boss, gin sampler and sweet treats ready for a virtual team planning meeting next week. Had a busy day but feeling less stressed. Containers outside the front door are looking colourful.
Colourful geraniums and begonias, London, July 2020
Tues 7 July
Workout at home. My procrastination habit bit me on the bottom. Forgot to prepare quarterly report and has to be presented tomorrow. Pressure. Published SAD June. Notified that the Elton John concert I booked in 2019, for Nov 2020, has been moved to Nov 2021.

Weds 8 July
Lots meetings today inc a 4 hour planning meeting so no chance for walk. Weather still bad.

Thurs 9 July
Weather still dismal.  Went to Waitrose. No mystery shortages for a change. Fairly busy. J did a cycle ride with his brother.

Friday 10 July
Fairly quiet day, had a lot to do but was unfortunately in procrastination mode. Watched film film Military Wives. 6 out of 10.

Sat 11 July
Went M&S Epping.  They gave me a free hessian bag. Intended to go for walk but decided to sow forget me nots which led to 2 hours of weeding and getting rid of ivy. Had a delivery of Huel (drinks that are very popular with the younger set at work....).
Sun 12 July
Sunny day. Did early blog shoot in garden, then went for walk 4.5 miles Yates meadow. Saw cattle on trail path (top picture) and was a bit nervous at walking around them, but they took no notice. Roast chicken.

Mon 13 July
Sunny. By 9.15 had done a workout, wiped the kitchen, cleaned up fox poo in the porch and hoovered. Then settled down to work. Last day before a week's holiday. Ordered Sunday Times beauty box.

Tues 14 July
On holiday! Had hair done by Jodie in her home - haven't seen her for 18 months. Soon felt like old times being on M25 - congestion- and saw the deer!

Weds 15 July
Long drive to Plymouth to stay with Mum.  Stopped at Leigh Delamere services for lunch. Quiet, with social distancing being observed.  Arrived at her house around 3pm.

Thurs 16 July
Did a walk of my old haunts  (I grew up in Plymouth) - see it here. Then took mum to an electrical store to get a new oven, followed by a trip to our habitual haunt, Otter garden centre. We didn't buy any plants. Lunch was ok. Plenty of room for social distancing, lots of sanitizers.
Lunch for two at Otter Garden Centre near Plymouth
Fri 17 July
Mum had back pain so wasn't up to the trip we'd planned. Did a walk, weeded, set up her new tablet.
Sat 18 July
Left at 9 15. Home by 3pm. An M4 closure made my heart sink and fortunately thge diversion was quite short. Had an online shopping delivery. Started 2 new series on Netflix, Norsemen and Cursed.  Read what I thought about them here.

Sun 19 July
Cloudy. Did a lot of housework. Roast chicken. Been a bad week exercise-wise. Only 2 short walks. Will do better this coming week.

Mon 20 July
Urban walk 3.5 miles. My Power Plate gym is reopening on August 3 and their new booking system is now working. It was so  good to book some classes. Back at work. Eased in gently

Tues 21 July
Didn't feel great when I woke - very tired - but 2 paracetamol and a bath put me right. Quiet day finished work at 6 30.

Weds 22 July 
Short walk 4.4 miles. Thrilled to jump to 67th in the Hibs 100. Was ranked 402 back in 2017 when I relaunched blog.

Thurs 23 July 
Did food shopping early. An early buy for autumn, a technical wind stopper jacket from Montane, was delivered. This will help me carry on walking during winter. The roses are now in their second flush.  Below: Queen of Sweden.
Pale pink rose Queen of Sweden
Fri 24 July 
Did favourite forest walk, Yates meadow and a forest loop. Squeezed in a blog shoot when the sun went in. Published Friday favourites. From today we have to wear face coverings in England when we go into shops.  They have been mandatory on public transport for several weeks. We have several ready, in plastic bags.  My nice cotton patterned coverings from Baukjen and J has grotty old paper ones - you see them discarded in the streets.
Cotton face covering in plastic bag
Sat 25 July 
Overcast and drizzly.  Did some weeding and gathered seeds from the nigella (love in the mist).  I will sow these and they'll make sturdy little plants which will flower early in spring.
Sunday 26 July
Fine day on the whole. Urban walk 4.5 miles. 2 nice things happened. I dropped off some colourful kids' masks at a neighbours.  They sent round some flowers and a card to thank me, which was v kind. I later shared my Jane Fallon book review on Twitter and she replied "Lovely. Thank you" and kindly retweeted it.

Monday 27 July 
Miserable weather.  Cold and grey. Did workout at home.

Tues 28 July 
Pin and yellow plants and view of Connaught Water in Epping Forest
Overcast.  Did walk around Connaught Water, local man-made lake in Epping Forest.

Weds 29 July 
Booked to go to the Titian exhibition at the National Gallery on 15 Aug. Ordered my spring bulbs for autumn planting. Narcissus tulips camassias for 1st time and anemones.

Thurs 30 July 
Quick walk, Kings Head circular before lunch after early start. Booked a week in the Lake District with J in September. Trying to start new food regime which means having Huel for lunch (added blueberries).
Fri 31 July 
Hot day got to 35 degrees (95 F). 95). Did 5 mile walk, crossed Yates Meadow twice (v steep) as need hill practice for Lakes. Set up new VR headset. First thing I watched was a guided tour of Anne Fran's house. Amazing.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

If You Love Something, Buy It Again - and Link Up

Over 50s style blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton recommends snapping up items of clothing in different colours and sizes if you find something timeless that suits you.  She has this white skirt from Marks and Spencer in three colors and the top from Ted Baker in two.
This skirt may have a touch of déjà vu about it because it's the same skirt that I have in pink and beige. Reader, I liked it so much I also bought it in white.

Monday, 27 July 2020

Style Not Age Challenge: My Signature Color

Seated pose in the garden for Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon in her signature colour of lilac, worn here as a blouse with yellow trousers.
It's the last Monday of the month which means it's time for the Style Not Age Challenge.  This time it's Hilda's turn to set the challenge and she chose My Signature Color. My choice of lilac may have surprised some of you who might have expected pink.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Friday Favourites: TV, Books, Podcasts - July Edition

Gail Hanlon and headphones for Friday Favourites, podcast and TV reviews, in blog Is This Mutton
Welcome to another edition of Friday Favourites, my reviews of TV shows, films, books and podcasts.

TV Viewing

The Secrets She Keeps (BBC iPlayer)

The cast of Australian TV thriller The Secrets She Keeps
First up, how exciting was this! I had low expectations initially for this Australian drama but it soon hooked me in, and boy, was episode 4 (of six) a thriller! A social media influencer is befriended by a  shop assistant  (Laura Carmichael, who was Lady Edith in Downton Abbey). They're both pregnant and expecting a baby at the same time.  I won't reveal any spoilers, but both my mum and I enjoyed it and indulged in binge watching. It's based on a true story.

Cursed (Netflix)
Nimue played by Katherine Langford, from the Arthurian legend drama Cursed

The latest big budget fantasy series on Netflix launched last week.  Cursed tells (loosely) the King Arthur / Excalibur legend but from the perspective of a "young rebel" or witch Nimue, who joins forces with charming mercenary Arthur on a mission to save her people.  We watched two episodes, and it's a complete yawn fest.  The CGI scenes are woeful, so the big budget must have been spent elsewhere.  These are people supposed to have lived 1500 years ago but suspiciously clean, well dressed and non-matted of hair.  Their language is also very up to date - probably intentionally, to seduce the millennial audience.  There is zero chemistry between Nimue and Arthur. Filed under "lame" and surprised to hear a second season is lined up.

Norsemen (Netflix)

We've just discovered Norwegian comedy Norsemen and it's terrific.  It's an amusing spoof on the Vikings, beautifully done with elaborate costumes and filming, with a very dry, sometimes Pythonesque, humour running through it.  The women are all very strong and no nonsense, whereas the men go off into flights of fancy about creating memorable installations and theatre, and philosophizing about the emotional cost of raping and pillaging.  The latest season, 3, started this week.

Military Wives

The film starring Kristin Scott-Thomas is now available on Sky and Prime. The concept of the military wives' choirs was somewhat hijacked by the TV show The Choir with Gareth Malone, but actually it all started before he came on the scene.  The grief stricken wife of an army colonel  (Scott-Thomas) foists herself on the camp's wives' social committee, locking horns with the wife of the RSM (Sharon Horgan). They form a choir and, overheard by a camp commander, are invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in the Festival of Remembrance.  I was expecting a blub fest but didn't feel invested enough in the characters, who seemed brittle and charmless, to feel much emotion at the end. A pleasant enough watch but nothing special.

 Eurovision Song Contest:  The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

The two stars of Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. Copyright New York Times
This new film was a mildly amusing romp that hit a few bum notes, the biggest being Will Ferrell who (as usual) seemed miscast and out of his depth.

The Eurovision Song Contest is the most amazing annual festival of kitsch that somehow brings the whole of Europe together.  Last year it was watched by 180 million people. I used to rely on it as a conversation topic when we had large international social gatherings at my last company. It was guaranteed to get everyone talking. It has to be seen to be believed.

The film tells the story of two performers from Iceland (which has never won the contest) who may or may not be related  (this was a running gag). The country that wins Eurovision has to stage it the following year, and the cost of this has proved prohibitive for many a country. So a conspiracy derails the Iceland entry to ensure the country has no chance of success. Singers Lars (Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) find themselves catapulted into the semi-finals. Lots of mayhem ensues with murderous elves (apparently 60% of Icelanders believe in elves) and crazy drives around Dublin, the host city.

The film is worth watching just to see Dan Stevens  (Cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey) in the role of a lifetime, camping it up as a bare chested Russian singer.

Call My Agent! (Netflix)
The cast of hit French comedy Call My Agent.  Copyright: Variety

We have have just started watching this French comedy series (subtitled) - a rich seam as there are three seasons. I just love it.  It's about life at a top Paris talent firm where agents scramble to keep their star clients happy -- and their business afloat -- after an unexpected crisis.  It is very funny and seems bit retro in terms of how the agency operates.


The Habitat (Gimlet)

Podcast cover for Gilmet's The Habitat about life on Mars recreated in a pod in Hawaii
The Habitat tells the true story of six volunteer would-be astronauts who experienced Mars for a year on Hawaii. They were confined to a dome that replicated life on board a spacecraft.  They were only able to leave the dome wearing a full space suit. The experiment was designed to show what life on the red planet would be like.  It's so far away that at least a year would go by, assuming we landed there, before we could leave, in order for the planets to be aligned correctly.

The podcast features recordings made on board with a narrator, and it makes for fascinating listening - particularly around the subjects of food (dehydrated) and toilets, with interesting insights from some of the Apollo missions.


Two very different books this time. First, Excellent Women by Barbara Pym.  The phrase "excellent women" was used as a condescending reference to the kind of women who perform menial duties in the service of churches and voluntary organisations. The book, set in the 1950s, tells the everyday life of unmarried Mildred Lathbury, a part-time volunteer worker who also helps out at the church. In this very genteel world, where Mildred is looked down upon as a spinster, we meet her unlikely suitors, the anthropologist Everard Bone, her dashing neighbour Rockingham Napier, and the vicar, Julian Malory.

Pym was highly celebrated for her witty, droll accounts of life in middle England in this time period.The novelist John Updike, reviewing the American release in 1978, wrote that: "Excellent Women... is a startling reminder that solitude may be chosen, and that a lively, full novel can be constructed entirely within the precincts of that regressive virtue: feminine patience."

From life in the 1950s, in post-rationing Britain, to life in a lavish gated housing development where all the women have had "work" done in the latest novel by Jane Fallon, Queen Bee.
The cover of novel Queen Bee by Jane Fallon, reviewed by UK blog Is This Mutton
I pre-ordered this because Jane Fallon has never disappointed.  I digested it over three nights.  Laura, the owner of a small cleaning company, moves into a tiny rented flat in one of the luxury houses in The Close.  Recently divorced, she finds the glossy women residents are friendly until Al, the husband of the "Queen Bee",  sets her up, and then she's ostracized. But through some clever detective work, Laura discovers the secrets Al is hiding. A witty, wry and rewarding read from the thinking women's chicklit writer.

That's all for this time. I'd love to hear any of your recommendations in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Out and About as Covid Restrictions Ease: And Link Up

Casual fashion for the over 40s.  Blue jeans with abstract patterned top, silver loafers and blue sequinned straw bag.
I had a few days off last week and finally went "Out Out."  Here in the UK we are now allowed to travel, and to go to pubs/restaurants/hair salons and so on. Social distancing and lots of sanitizers are still the order of the day.

I went by car to see my mum in Plymouth, a 250 mile drive.  The car was quite surprised at this sudden activity, after weeks of only going to the supermarket, and promptly told me it wanted a service.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Style Steal: Suzy Turner's Red and Khaki - and Link Up

There's an old saying that red and green should never be seen, but as they're opposites in the color wheel, this can be taken with a pinch of salt. Colors that are opposites often look fabulous together.  This was demonstrated a few months ago when blogger and author Suzy Turner wore a khaki and red combination.  I resolved to do a "style steal," and it's taken a while but here it is.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Black and White Pattern Mixing - and Link Up

Pattern mixing. Do you do much of it? If you'd like to try pattern mixing, this is a safe and fun way to get started - using the same color palette. I ordered this houndstooth top when I was shopping for the Style Not Age check challenge. As it turned out, I loved both the top and the trousers I wore in the challenge and decided to keep both.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Roses, Swans and Sawdust: Sentence a Day, June 2020

Pink cupped rose Scepter'd Isle in flower in London, UK, June 2020
We're still in lock down here in the UK although rules are easing. During June "non-essential" shops were allowed to open, with lots of rules around quarantining of any clothes tried on or touched, and social distancing of course. Some schools reopened (although not very many). People living on their own were allowed to form a "bubble" with one other household. Most people are either working from home, where it's possible, or furloughed, with the exception of key workers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

All Pink, Summer Beauty Boxes and Link Up

Over 50s blogger Gail Hanlon in pink top with statement collar and pink A line belted skirt with lime green mules
John always finds it very amusing that I "dress up" to do the food shopping once a week. But it's currently the highlight of the week, and I've noticed I'm not the only one.  It feels good to wear something other than leggings and a t-shirt, which is my normal lockdown attire.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Check Me Out: Style Not Age Challenge

Over-50s blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in pink and black with check trousers, belted jacket and bright pink ankle boots for the Check Me Out Challenge
It's the last Monday of the month which means it's time for the Style Not Age Challenge where five bloggers from the UK and Ireland interpret a different theme.  This time it was Anna's challenge, "Check Me Out." Anna, from Anna's Island Style, often rocks checks in her colourful outfits.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Friday Favourites: Books, Films, Podcasts

UK blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton with headphones on enjoying a podcast or two
Here it is, my occasional post about what I've been watching, reading and listening to. This week I'm featuring a couple of Irish films, some treats from English National Ballet and the National Theatre, an international crime thriller from the BBC, the re-issue of an old favourite of mine, and some cheerful, positive vibe podcasts.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

All White? Plus Link Up

Over 50s fashion blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in white trousers, broderie blouse and leopard print accessories
This summer has been a strange one for fashion trends because they have been largely dictated by the retailers without the usual street style of influencers percolating through and creating the odd surprise (like last year's Zara "It" dress).

The three biggest trends are statement sleeves, broderie and what I call the big dress - voluminous and baggy,

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Beauty Update: Summer Tanning, the Best Concealers in the World And Link Up

Over 50 fashion and beauty blogger Gail Hanlon with new St Tropez tanning products
I read recently that Anna Wintour and her "FROW" chums (those frosty faced ladies at the fashion shows) never wear tights, not even in the depths of winter. Well, fair play to them if they can withstand the cold plus endure the upkeep required to keep legs suitable for all-weather exposure.  I find it's enough of a "faff" in the summer to keep my legs in the required state.

As Mr Mutton and I won't be going abroad any time soon  (our Greek holiday was sadly cancelled) I've been exploring a couple of new products for getting an effective and easy fake tan.  None of them were gifted, so rest assure you're getting an unexpurgated opinion.

I like to use a gradual fake tan on my legs - my arms pick up a tan when I'm out walking or gardening. Dove's Summer Revived, which I wrote about here, is still a favourite and pretty fool- proof.  This year I've also tried a new type of formula from St Tropez: Self Tan Purity Body Mousse. I bought a sample pack which included small trial bottles of the body formula and the facial tanning mist.  I didn't like the body product very much.  You shake the "water" and it turns into a mousse as you spray it. A mitt is required to arrange it on the limbs.

I found the result a bit patchy and prefer to use hands rather than a mitt.  You can easily wash your hands immediately afterwards and use a nailbrush to remove any signs.

But the facial mist is very good and I bought the full size bottle.  Simply shake and mist it on, remembering to close your eye as you spray each side of the face.  It smells OK and, used lightly, gives a pleasing glow.
The turquoise packaging of new St Tropez - Purity Bronzing Face Mist and Body Mousse
St Tropez have also introduced a tan remover, which is very useful for getting rid of the last vestiges when you want to start afresh after a few days. Used with an exfoliating mitt, it effectively removes the debris.  If you've had "accidents" while applying a fake tan  (orangey patches) then you can also use this.  The only irritating thing is that you have to wait five minutes before rinsing it off.  That seems a long time to be standing in the shower.

My two other fake tan tips are:  use a dark towel after showering  (I find they all come off on white towels) and don't apply before bed because your legs will probably be streaky the next day.

So that's fake tan covered.  What about getting hair-free legs?  I have never had my legs professionally waxed.  I've always used a razor.  But the amount of plastic involved, and the cost for replacement blades  (up there with the cost of ink for printers) makes it an extremely unattractive proposition. I was intrigued to read a very positive review for an epilator by an Instagrammer.
The Braun Silk Epil epilator for hair removal
Remember them, ladies?  They came out a few years ago with a lot of publicity but many of us dismissed them as instruments of torture. The nature of the beast is that it rips the hair out from its root.  In theory this makes the hair slower to grow back, but it also makes for quite a painful experience.

I've never tried an epilator so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  The model shown is the Braun Silk-Epil 9 which was on offer at Amazon and came with a separate skin cleansing brush which I probably won't use.

After charging the device I started epilating without reading the instructions and mistakenly used the  no 2 setting (slightly more painful).  It is a little bit grimace-y, but my main beef is that it doesn't give such a good result as shaving or no doubt waxing. It kept leaving some hairs behind, even though they were the same length, and I had to keep having another go. But I'll use it now and then, if I need to give my legs a quick once over and don't have time to shave them.

Finally to concealers.  I've been using a runny cheap one and it was rubbish, so I went back to Charlotte Tilbury and bought the Mini Miracle Eye Wand (the white wand) and the Magic Away liquid concealer. I'd been reminded how good these are by receiving a sample of the Magic Away product.
Beauty blogger Gail Hanlon with two concealers from Charlotte Tilbury
One of the challenges is finding the right shade if you don't want to go into a store.  If you buy a couple of products from Charlotte Tilbury online you can request a couple of samples, and their colour chart samples are excellent  (see my latest one below for foundation).
My shade for the Magic Away concealer is #3, fair, pale and neutral. I use this on pigmentation spots.  The Mini Miracle Eye Wand, in shade 2 for me, has a an under-eye cream at one end and an eye brightener / concealer at the other.  It's a slightly more liquid concealer than Magic Away so I prefer it for under eye circles.  Anyway, here I am having used both these miracle products.  I've used a turquoise eyeshadow as an eyeliner which we're always warned not to do  ("so old-fashioned! So Princess Diana") but who cares about rules, eh ladies? The lipstick is by Look Fabulous Forever.
Over 50s woman breaks a makeup rule by wearing a blue eyeshadow as eyeliner. Shock!
Let's hear about your fake tan recommendations and leg hair disposal methods in the comments below!

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Last week's favourite post  (most clicked) was Anna from Muttonstyle Years and I, and her post June Capsule Wardrobe for the Over 50s.  There's a link in her post to her YouTube video where she shows you how to put the capsule together. 

Also very popular was Friday Favourite Feature: Tunic Tops and Aquarium Stops by Chrissy from Granola and Grace, below. Love that casual chic look.

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