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Wednesday 29 June 2022

A Royal Dining Experience

Is Ths Mutton blogger celebrates her 12th wedding anniversary at Dinner by Heston with the Royal Cooking Menu.

Dear friends. Let me tell you about our belated 12th wedding anniversary celebration, where we dined royally on a Platinum Jubilee menu featuring dishes from the centuries. 

We went to our favourite restaurant in London, Dinner by Heston. It's at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking Hyde Park.  We've been here several times for birthdays and anniversaries. Although it's Michelin-starred, it's not stuffy or pretentious. 


Monday 27 June 2022

Tutti Frutti - Style Not Age Challenge

Gail Hanlon from over-50s style blog Is This Mutton in tutti frutti striped t-shirt and cream skirt with lime green sandals and bag.
Dear friends. It's time again for the Style Not Age Challenge, and this time it was chosen by Emma from Stylesplash. She chose a great theme for summer, Tutti Frutti. 

Coincidentally I had a new t-shirt from Kettlewell that's called Tutti Frutti. I love the colours of this: cream background and stripes in shocking pink, canary yellow and apple green. I'm wearing it with the skirt I rediscovered -see last week's post - which also came from Kettlewell, in 2013.  Apart from the t-shirt, everything was shopped from my wardrobe:  belt from Madeleine, necklace from Boden, sandals from Topshop, bag from Cambridge Satchel Co. 

Five style bloggers interpret tutti frutti. Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton goes for a casual vibe with a tutti frutti striped t-shirt and lime accessories.

Now let's see how my blogging friends got on.  Anna from Anna's Island Style has a beautiful backdrop, the Isles of Scilly, and it was a glorious day when she took the photos. 

She's wearing a vintage Jaeger skirt, a TK Maxx top and pink boots from H&M. Anna says "It's a joyful outfit on a beautiful summer's afternoon. What more could you ask for?"

Jacqui from Mummabstylish is wearing a dress borrowed from her daughter, Steve Madden orange bag which was a birthday present and her lovely tie up shoes in a fabulous shade of green.  She added green earrings to complete her tutti frutti outfit.  

Hilda from Over the Hilda  I thought these pics were taken abroad but no, they were taken at a friend's apartment in Ireland. What a view! It was very windy, Hilda tells us. She has shopped her wardrobe:  Hugo Boss dress, kimono from Zara, shoes from Clarks.  Her bag is by Irish designer @iampeelo.

And finally Emma, who thought up this month's challenge.  You can always rely on Emma for a spectacular colour explosion.

Emma is wearing a shirt and bag from the peach range by Fabienne Chapot. She has several pieces from this print range, including two dresses and a skirt. Lucky girl. Her trousers are by Flounce London (from Asos). Sunglasses are SkinnyDip London.

I hope you enjoyed our tutti fruttis. More pics on each of the blogs. I'm back on Wednesday with #WowOnWednesday, hope to see you then.


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Wednesday 22 June 2022

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Plans and Goals

 And #WowOnWednesday Link-Up

Is This Mutton on how to look good over 60.  Gail Hanlon in fuchsia pink cropped trousers and wrap cardigan, jewelled flats and Kurt Geiger Rainbow bag

Dear friends. The lanyard and PC have been handed back, and I am now officially a Lady of Leisure! I had a discussion on Instagram recently with a friend who agreed that the word "Retirement" seems to have negative connotations, evoking images of decrepit old people watching daytime TV. 

My searches for Retirement reveal mostly posts about financial planning. Very little about using the time in a positive way and  challenging ourselves. 

We agreed there's a need to re-frame Retirement as a positive time where lively, active and energetic people finally get to relax and follow their dreams.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

I was one of the First Female Football Broadcasters


The Radio Devon radio car in the 1980s with reporter Gail Tyler

Here's a little known fact about me. In the six happy years I worked in BBC local radio, I became probably the first female in the UK to broadcast about football. 


Wednesday 8 June 2022

Taking Selfie and Outfit Shots

Woman taking a selfie with a spectacular view. Photo by Pavel Danily for Pexels

Dear friends. I've had a few requests for some tips on how to take selfies and outfit shots from beginners who don't know where to start.  I'm not an expert by any means, but I've learnt a few "best known methods" over the last 5 years of taking pictures for this blog. 


Thursday 2 June 2022

May in Review

 Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in Yates Meadow, Epping Forest

Dear friends. Amazing to think we are already nearly at the halfway point of the year. I've decided to change the format of this post, so instead of covering each day of the month and what I did, I'm summarizing and grouping the activities, and adding my fashion buys.  

Outings in May

Kettlewell Colour Club 

It was a fairly quiet month in terms of outings. The weather was very mixed, a few sunny days but also quite a few cloudy days with showers.

There were two meetings with Kettlewell Colour Club members:  the second gathering of the Colourful Croydon Coffee Club (below), and the first meeting of the Kent women, near Maidstone. As I discussed in this post, these meet-ups are a wonderful way for midlife women to meet and connect.

The Kettlewell Colour Club members in Croydon

And here are the shoes I wore with my jewel blue and teal outfit. They're from Embassy London and come in a rainbow of colours. Socks from Boden (old).

Walthamstow Wetlands

I went with Meet Up for a walk along the local canal, down to the Walthamstow Wetlands where some of us had lunch.  The plan was to visit the William Morris Gallery as well, but unfortunately it was closed, so that's been rearranged for later in June. 

A New Baby 

John's daughter and son-in-law had their first baby, Olive Ree.  I now have two step granddaughters.  We will see a lot of Olive because they live very close to us.  

Gardening in May 

April and May are my favourite times in the garden - the garden springs back to life and the bulbs shoot forth, while in May the roses are in their full glory, along with the other cottage garden plants.  I had a couple of sorties to the garden centre. I've now planted several containers and squeezed a few more plants into the border. 

Trying Auriculus

A few years ago I bought a plant theatre with a view to having auriculas, the wonderfully complex primulas. They look as if they are works of art.  I did once use the theatre for a display of purple polyanthus, but I've never had any auriculas until now. 

I bought four, and now think I've bitten off more than I can chew. They like very specific conditions and are ideally displayed in vintage terracotta pots.  I haven't yet got to grips with it. But I have started following auricula growers on Instagram for their tips and pictures. 

Primula Aricula bought by London blogger Is This Mutton

Below:  the roses at the front of our house in May. I got rid of three which were in the middle row because there was too much over crowding. It's much easier now for me to get into the bed and tackle the weeds.  There are two varieties of rose, Gertrude Jekyll and Scepter'd Isle.  They're both repeat flowerers.  I will feed them after the first flush and they'll give another display in September.

Walking and Exercise

I rediscovered Pilates, and thanks to an excellent teacher, am keen to start taking regular classes.  My legs are often a bit achey, and one of the knees "pops out" during the night, which is very uncomfortable. But after one class with this teacher, my aches and pains had gone, temporarily.

I probably did fewer walks in May because I was fed up with the weather. But I saw the longhorns a few times - a group of them stayed out all through winter, because the weather was fairly mild. 

Meanwhile Yates Meadow, which is a steep climb, now has a new bench at the top of the climb. 

This is Chingford Plain, occasional host to a funfair, and where the longhorns are frequently found. 

Chingford Plain in May with verdant greenery and cow parsley

John continued his cycle training. He's doing LEJOG  (Land's End to John O'Groats) for two weeks, and did Bike London (100 miles) as part of his training.  He's very fast for his age on a bike. 

Finisher in the Bike Essex ride 2022

Getting Well Armed

I'm on a mission to tone my arms and shoulders ready for a beach holiday in Greece. I've been doing several different exercises and following a YouTube workout by Caroline Girvan. 

One thing that has made a huge difference to my arms is retinol.  I've been using Lixirskin Universal Emulsion mixed with their Night Shot Retinol  (not gifted).  They recommend using it on your arms, hands and decolletage as well.  Well, the difference is amazing. The crepey skin that we older women get on the "bingo wings" has more or less disappeared. I buy Lixirskin directly from the brand because they usually include a few samples. 

New Clothes and Jewellery

I keep a record of all the clothes I buy, mainly because with my Kettlewell collection it's useful to have a list of what I've got and the exact colour names. 

I bought a skirt in the Kettlewell sale, the Millie in pink leopard. I don't normally "do" animal print but the shape and length of the skirt is perfect for a gamine, and the colour goes well with my other winter pinks, hot pink and fuchsia  (shown in a different print and colour).

I also bought a silver sequinned skirt from French Connection, reduced in price at Asos, (sold out)  and a beautiful hot pink dress with a roll collar from The Pretty Dress Company, which I'll wear on a couple of big occasions that are coming up. It needs taking up about four centimetres.

Anna Wintour Necklaces

In May I bought a few necklaces - Georgian collet style, for layering.  There are two shops on Etsy where I buy them:  Lynn's Gem Creations (UK) and Sacred Cake (US). They're quite pricey when bought to layer up, as Anna Wintour does, but they are heirloom pieces.

Georgian collet necklaces for layering from Etsy


If you've read this far, here's an update on something I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago. I have been planning to retire from work.  Well the news is, my last day is June 10.  It will feel strange not to be working after 43 years, but I'm also looking forward to the opportunities in front of me:  travel, hobbies, Meet Ups, voluntary work. More on this topic to follow! 

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Wednesday 1 June 2022

A Colorful Phenomenon - and Link-Up

Style blog for the over 50s Is This Mutton on how the Kettlewell Color Club has become a phenomenon, with meet-ups spontaneously happening all over the UK and US

Dear friends.  I wrote a few months ago about the challenges of meeting new friends in midlife, particularly when you've lived in many places and your friends live a long way away. Well, since then I have become immersed in a wonderful organic initiative, built around colour, that has introduced me to many wonderful women. 

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