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Monday 26 February 2024

Put a Bow On It

 #StyleNotAge challenge

Is This Mutton and four other style blogs interpret the prompt Put a Bow on It. Gail Hanlon chooses an 80s blouse with bow

Dear friends. Today we're styling bows in the latest Style Not Age Challenge. This month's prompt was chosen by Emma of Stylesplash.

I have had plenty of blouses with bows in the past, and back in the 80s, a black jumper that had huge satin bows sewn to the sleeves. The purple blouse with bow that I'm wearing here is pre-loved from a vintage shop on Etsy. It actually dates from the 80s. I love how it looks like a waistcoat.
I wanted a dramatic colour combination so chose a vivid flamingo pink to go with the purple. The jacket is the Cate from Kettlewell, which is being relaunched at the end of this week in new colours.  

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in purple and pink

My jacquard cropped trousers are from Robell (old), purple tights from Snag, boots from Amazon, current, and the bag is preloved. 

Now let's see how my style friends got on.  Jacqui from Mummabstylish is wearing a perfect outfit for spring with the winter white and soft shades. She found everything in her wardrobe:  culottes and blazer from F & F, top from H&M, boots from Lotus Shoes. 

Emma from Stylesplash,  who came up with this prompt, is wearing a stunning tonal outfit with jacket from Zara, Flounce London trousers (old), knitted vest from TK Maxx and a Zara-dupe blouse, bought on an obscure website several years ago. Emma's vegan leather bag is by Jennifer Hamley (sadly no longer in business) and sunglasses are Jeepers Peepers. 

Hilda from Over the Hilda  is looking glamorous in pink and red with a wrap top secured by a bow.  She also shopped her wardrobe with trousers from Paul Costelloe and top H&M. Her shoes are new from Zara. Sunglasses Caroline Herrera

Anna from Anna's Island Style  has bows galore. She also shopped her wardrobe and found a lovely statement cardi from H&M and Levi jeans.  Her blouse with bow and gorgeous cuffs was charity shopped. The Dr Martins are new, as are the satin laces to add more bows to the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed the different takes on bows. Do you like a bow? Do tell in the comments. 

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  1. Hi Gail! I often make a bow with my scarves, not Kettlewell, but silk ones that I bought in Bellagio Italy a few years ago.

    1. I have started using scarves that way too! A nice gamine look

  2. Gail I called it coral.... not flamingo but I love the combination with purple anyway!

    1. I was struggling to remember myself, but I wrote down all my Kettlewell buys and what colours they are, to remind me

  3. Gorgeous colour mix Gail. What a fun challenge this was. All so similar but all different. Jacqui x


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