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Tuesday 6 February 2024

Welcome to Platinum Readers


Gail Hanlon explains what Is This Mutton is about to new readers who saw the blog featured in Platinum magazine

A warm welcome if you've popped over after seeing me in the March issue of Platinum magazine. I can't link to the article unfortunately (it's not online), but I took part in their Big Debate about what women over 50 should wear.

A bit of background on me and Is This Mutton. 

I started Is This Mutton in 2017 and the intention was to have fun with clothes. Since then my style has changed:  I know what suits me, and also, thanks to colour analysis, which colours are my friends.

I'm keen to offer tips on what will work for all shapes and sizes and sometimes use friends to illustrate this. 

I've always been passionate about beauty so I review a lot of skincare, hair and make-up products, giving objective views because most of the time I buy them myself. 

Most of us love books so I write book reviews too.

I occasionally write about diet and fitness, because I used to look like this (2002).  It's taken a long time to get to a weight I can sustain, and even now I think of it as a struggle. 

Is This Mutton is deliberately non-monetized to give readers a better experience.  There are no ads, irritating pop-ups or affiliate links.  If I share links, it's directly to the product without any payment to me. 

To get you started with a flavour of Is This Mutton, here are a few posts that might interest you. 

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