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Friday 16 December 2016

Remember these beauty products from the 70s and 80s?

I've been enjoying Sali Hughes' book "Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look at the Beauty Products that Changed the World". I am somewhat obsessed with finding the beauty products I grew up with, and it makes my day if they're still around today.

It was great reading Sali's recollection of products like the Toni home perm (I remember the Tweeny Twink too, which had a lot to answer for); Rimmel's best selling lipstick heather shimmer - I remember wearing damson shimmer -  and Sun In.

Sali is probably too young to remember: Flicker ladies' razor, Anne French cleansing milk and Glow 5 mask, and some forgotten perfumes.

Others I've since remembered, which weren't in Sali's book, are Bergasol, which used ads featuring two models, one very pale and the other a deep sun tanned brown  (you can still get a reformulated Bergasol, shipped from France, at Amazon, and it is very good); Henara henna powder, which came in a drum and was a dry powder that you used with water instead of dye on your hair, and Harmony hair colourants, semi permanent colour in a tube.
70s ad for Bergasol sun lotion

60s ad for Harmony semi permanent hair colourant


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  1. Ha ha! I remember all of these ! The Harmony sachets I still recommend to some clients. They are now called Shades, you can buy them in Super Drug. A fantastic tonic for dry hair. I have used Elizabeth Ardens Eight Hour Cream for over twenty five years! Where does the time go?


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