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Monday 27 March 2017

Mother's Day weekend in Devon

Mother's Day lunch in Torquay for June Tyler, 84, and daughter Gail
The weather finally came good for Mothering Sunday and I went down to Devon on Thursday to stay with my mum, June.

Mr Mutton didn't come as he is Marathon training in earnest for London in April, and had a big race to photograph for his club.
He will probably also admit that he finds the endless "yapping" of mother and daughter a bit much to cope with. So I enjoyed quality time with Mum in the usual whirl of visits to garden centres, tea rooms and restaurants. On Friday we went to Otter garden centre, where I bought three hollyhocks, and Saltram House.
June Tyler, 84, showing that older ladies can still look glamorous
On Saturday we went to Quay 33 for lunch, a charming bistro on Plymouth's historic Barbican. This was after I met up with an old school friend I hadn't seen since we were 17, Sue Symons.

Mum has lived in the same house in Plymouth since 1964. I grew up there. I still have a soft spot for Plymouth, particularly for the Hoe and Barbican where I spent happy years as a teenager. But Plymouth has been both saved and ruined by students. The university has expanded considerably and most of the city centre seems to be student accommodation and blocks of university facilities which are not always in keeping with the architecture.
Plaque commemorating the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth, Devon, in 1620
This plaque, at the Mayflower Steps, commemorates the sailing from Plymouth of the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620. The pilgrims believed that they were true Christians, determined to "purify" the Christian church and return to a scripture-based service. These "Puritans" were not satisfied with the reforms introduced after the separation of the English church from the Catholic Holy See in Rome.

Nevertheless, the Puritans were seen both as seditious and heretical for their beliefs. The King's agents persecuted them. They set sail from Plymouth with 102 passengers on board, about half of them Puritans. After a stormy 66-day crossing they dropped anchor off Cape Cod (near today's Provincetown, Massachusetts), on November 11, 1620.

From there they explored the coast for five weeks, until they found a favourable place where they decided to establish "Plimoth plantation", one of the first English settlements in North America.
June Tyler, 84, in the Is This Mutton? Mother's Day special
Mum is 84 and still loves fashion and buying clothes, particularly scarves. She loves bright colours and has an aversion to "old lady beige."
Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton? on Plymouth's Barbican
On Sunday we drove over to Torquay for the annual trip to the Corbyn Head Hotel's Mother's Day lunch. We've been going for the last 12 or so years. A pianist tinkles the ivories while the assorted family diners enjoy a four course lunch, with all mums receiving flowers at the end.
June Tyler, 84, peruses the Mother's Day menu at the Corbyn Head Hotel in Torquay
Mum wore an ivory jumper with blingy scarf and her new raspberry jacket from Marks and Spencer. She buys a lot there from the Per Una range (the Classic range is "too old lady"). She's always made a feature of her glasses.
June Tyler, 84, in Marks and Spencer raspberry jacket
I wore my burgundy Ted Baker top and cursed the fact the weather had changed because I had left my cream jacket at home.  I'd brought the tripod with me intending to take some "posed" shots but unfortunately forgot the device that connects the camera to it, so I had to make do with the point and shoot camera. It turns out Mum is an impatient model. She'll give me a couple of shots but she won't try lots of different poses. I think you'll agree she's a natural.
Is This Mutton? mother and daughter special for Mother's Day

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  1. How nice to include your mother in this, Gail!! I know what you mean about our "models" being impatient! I end up having to direct my mom all the time, "move there, change positions, smile bigger"---I'm sure she gets sick of me saying this over and over--ha ha!!
    That purple just looks fabulous on your mum---she should wear it all the time!!
    And that green coat you're wearing---divine, Gail!!

    1. She often gets compliments about purple but she doesn't see it - I don't think it's one of her favourites!
      Thanks for visiting, Jodie.

  2. Your mom is so lovely and I agree - the bright colors suit her well. You're both looking happy and full of love. xox


  3. Your mother is stunning - what a role model she is! The raspberry coat is divine and great to see someone in their eighties wearing vibrant colours - wonderful!

    1. Thanks Penny - I am not sure why a lot of older women stop wearing colours but Mum certainly embraces them and is currently on the look out for a pink summer coat!

  4. Looks like you've re-charged your batteries whilst in beautiful Devon, your coat and top look great together, as does your mum's outfit. Jacqui

    1. Thanks Jacqui! I enjoyed your Edinburgh pictures too.

  5. Lovely pictures! You both look so beautiful!



  6. Your mum is so stylish, I love her glasses! You both look lovely. Your green coat is fab!

    Emma xxx

  7. Lovely pictures of your mom and you Gail. Love the purple on you and your green and yellow combo is so pretty! Sounds like you enjoyed Mothers Day!
    Thanks for linking !
    jess xx


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