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Friday 14 July 2017

Lose weight with the Diet Plate

The Diet Plate and cereal bowl shown on a dining room table. Copyright: Gail Hanlon
With more than one in four of us trying to lose weight most of the time, it's a growing market for the diet industry to make money out of our misery.
I am very cynical about the new diet books spawned every year in time for January 1 which use pseudo-science to convince us that their plan, whether it's low carb / low fat / low sugar / GI / Paleo / blood group (the list goes on) will change your life forever.

As a hardened dieter, and someone who's been overweight, I can tell you the formula:

Eat less and move more

Portion control is one of the biggest challenges, which is why I am pleased to tell you about The Diet Plate.

The advent of fast food and the ubiquitous "super sizing" habit has left young people thinking that giant platefuls of food and huge mugs of coffee sweetened with goo are normal.

Half of all millennials is overweight. A sobering statistic, and today Public Health England revealed that they will spend all of their retirement in poor health. 

If families started changing their portion sizes, they would naturally become slimmer and healthier, without the need to "go on a diet." Here's how.

About the Diet Plate

Losing and maintaining weight is all about portion control. The Diet Plate and its new online weight management tool helps you and your family do this in an easy and natural way. Image copyright: Gail Hanlon
The Diet Plate Perfect Portion Weight Management System shows you the right portion sizes, directly on the plate, for protein, starchy carbs and sauces with meat and cheese.  These specifically calculated geometric areas represent a defined volume of food.

It's clinically proven to help control Type 2 Diabetes, reduce weight or maintain weight.

There are three versions of the plate: the female and children's plate and matching bowl will provide approximately 1200 - 1500 calories per day. The male version of the duo provides 1500 - 1900 calories a day.

The cereal bowl provides you with a 200 calorie serving of any breakfast cereal and includes a quarter of a pint or 125m l of semi-skimmed milk.

Each complete set (plate and bowl) is £31.99, or you can buy them separately - a boon if, like me, you never eat cereal at breakfast.

Proven Results

In clinical trials, endocrinologist Dr Sue Pederson noted that "the weight loss we saw is similar to studies using weight loss medication but without the potential side effects, or the expense."

Calories are Good

Most "diet experts" these days sneer at calories and say you can eat unlimited quantities of whichever foods they're promoting in their books or online. But when all is said and done, if you add up the calories in the recipes they promote, you'll find they're all in the 1200 - 1500 calorie a day ball park for women.

I grew up with calories and find there's no better way of measuring your intake and how much you burn up with normal living and exercise. Yes, you could if you wanted spend your daily calorie allowance on Mars Bars, but if you're invested in wanting a fit and healthy body with good skin and all the benefits that come from healthy eating, you'll be keen to have a minimum of five a day fruit and veg a day and enjoy a balanced diet that doesn't ban any major food groups.

What You Get with the Plate

The plate itself is an object of beauty and high-quality earthenware which is dishwasher and microwave proof. The plate and bowl come with a comprehensive pamphlet that tells you everything you need to know.

It answers questions like "what happens if I pile the food too high?" (a  phenomenon regularly seen at those places which offer an "all you can eat" menu, along with small plates). 

Children aged four to 10 will love "The Magic Plate" that helps them achieve weight loss if needed, and teach portion control early. It has been cleverly designed with no mention of dieting, giving parents the option of either sharing the secret with their child or allowing them to enjoy their meals in blissful ignorance.
An example of a meal that's perfectly proportioned on the Diet Plate. Image: The Diet Plate
Here's  an example of a meal that's perfectly proportioned on the Diet Plate

Now There's an Online Weight Management Tool 

The Diet Plate Online is a new personal dietary, exercise and weight management tool, tailored to your individual needs and programmed to work with metabolic rate.  After answering some questions, it calculates your ideal weight and sets unique daily targets just for you.

You can access the planner from all of your media (PC, tablet, phone). The subscription cost is £9.99 a month or an annual subscription of £100.

Find Out More

Visit the Diet Plate to buy the plate and/or join the online club. You'll also find success stories and blogs. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your family. You can find the Diet Plate on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: I was gifted with a Diet Plate and bowl but my editorial is always objectively written. 

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  1. I love this idea! I'm on a diet at the moment trying to shift some post pregnancy weight and this is really appealing

    Tasha x


    1. It's a much easier way to lose weight. Thanks for the visit Tasha!

  2. What an interesting idea!


  3. I like the idea of this plate, it would help me to eat more of the right foods too. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend blog hop.

  4. What a great idea. I have done the diet with the little containers and Weight Watchers and calorie counting and about everything else. This makes so much sense. It would be especially good for my PC to realize what a portion looks like!! Pinning all over the place.

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